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10 CMMS Secrets No One Ever Told You – Part 2

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Today we’re continuing our coverage of the 10 CMMS secrets no one ever told you about. To review the first five secrets, visit our previous post here.

6) Usability still a prime concern

High user adoption is a key part of building organizational buy-in.  If the end-users are not satisfied with the technology because it’s complicated or hard to operate, it follows that they will not make full use of it.  The same survey as above found the first and second most important features for a successful CMMS implementation were “User Friendly Software” and “Ease of Software Use,” respectively.  Sadly, usability has been on the industry back burner, and few providers have made an effort to modernize use of their systems.

7) Barcode and QR capabilities are NOT the future

There’s far too much low hanging fruit and unaddressed feature requirements higher up on the list than these.  It’s like buying a car with no seat belts just because it has a great stereo system. It’s a nice feature to have, but it isn’t crucial to your CMMS success

8) Cloud computing has arrived

Similar to an era when the public first put their trust in internet banking and online purchasing, the shrewdly hedging corporate world is only a few steps behind and starting to see the benefits of enterprise cloud computing.  The worry of unsecure data is withering quickly with the spiralling success of an abundance of proven online security systems and fantastic performance track records.  Online uptimes are outperforming local systems, software licenses are being sliced, easier deployment, shared expenses and unprecedented accessibility are just some of the factors corporations are beginning to throw their weight into.   Expect Cloud hosting to make a big splash over the next few years.

9) Not running the latest version

Not surprisingly, software companies do make an effort to correct bugs and make upgrades to their product.  Many technical issues can be solved by simply upgrading to the latest version of the software.  This seems obvious, but a strong correlation exists between user satisfaction and running the most recent version.  This may be that users that do not take the effort to stay current are also likely to not make full use of their CMMS and exhibit low satisfaction, but this is a minority of respondents.

10) Organizational buy in

A successful CMMS deployment is not a simple task, and requires hard work and coordination from many different stakeholder groups.  A sure fire way to see a deployment fail is to not secure top level support.  In addition, it is essential that everyone involved in the project understands the benefit to them individually as well as to the organization as a whole.

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