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$100m funding for Florida Schools

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The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Florida schools will receive a $100 million boost for maintenance and construction activities when the Florida state budget is finalized later this year. As the money is dedicated to maintenance and construction, some schools will be able to repair the old buildings, while others may be able to build new ones. This must be welcome news for the schools that are in line to receive that money.

The Senate Budget Chairman, Joe Negron, is quoted in the article as saying “We want to fix the leaky roofs of gymnasiums. We want to make sure our classrooms are in good condition.” The question needs to be asked, however, how did the gymnasiums and classrooms get in to a position where such a big expenditure is required? Were the schools completing the regular preventative maintenance that was needed to keep their schools at a high standard of repair?

a stitch in time saves nine

There is an old saying, “a stitch in time saves nine”. It comes from a time when people used to use their sewing needles to fix their socks with holes, but it clearly refers to the concept that preventative maintenance is far more cost effective than reactive maintenance. With a new injection of money for capital improvement and large maintenance, will the schools apply this principle to their new and refreshed assets? The schools in Florida that get this money will need to also set up maintenance programs so that they save money into the future. With the money saved, they can spend it on additional capital improvement projects.

A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is a great way to make sure all necessary preventative maintenance gets done. After a quick setup of maintenance schedules, automatic notifications will be sent reminding technicians and administrators that work needs to be done.

In addition, a great CMMS like Fiix will allow anyone in the school to request maintenance or report a problem that needs fixing.

Then, with all of the maintenance being tracked in the CMMS, a school can easily track and report the maintenance costs every year and make sure the maintenance budget they get is enough to cover all of their needs.


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