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Extend the Functionality of your CMMS with our API

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For a while now, many of our users have been asking for a way to integrate our CMMS with other systems. I am delighted to announce that after months of methodical planning and steadfast coding, we’re excited to launch our Application Programming Interface (API) and a suite of supporting tools. Our API offers multiple methods of integrating and extending functionality to truly unlock the possibilities of what Fiix is capable of, including:

  • Export data to your ERP system
  • Link to your accounting system
  • Transfer information to project management software
  • Import data directly from machines
  • Create your own app interface

…and much more.

One of the main goals was to create an API that gives organizations the ability to connect Fiix to any third party hardware device or software application through the cloud. Our API gives organizations the ability to automate more processes by creating seamless integration between systems in the organization, enabling maintenance teams to be more productive.

1. Integrate with 3rd Party Software Applications

Our API supports CRUD operations, which is perfect for allowing developers to connect Fiix to custom plug-ins or larger third-party applications like Quickbooks, SAP or Tridium. You can seamlessly integrate your CMMS with other applications in your organization to improve efficiency, productivity, and more. For example, push your work order costing information in your CMMS to your accounting software to remove the redundancy and overhead associated with double system entry. Using one system and automatically sending the data to another makes it easier for maintenance staff to stay on task, thus making everyone more productive.

2. Communicate directly with your devices

Bridge the communication gap between your assets and your CMMS so meters, alarms and state data trigger work orders in real time. For example, you can send odometer readings directly from your fleet of trucks to the CMMS so annual inspections can be triggered automatically, with details on labour requirements and parts needed, removing the human element. You can also use our API to help execute your condition monitoring program at your facility. Asset conditions need to trigger maintenance early, so technicians can proactively complete the work before the asset fails or performance falls below the optimal level. Through direct machine integration with our API, abnormal operating conditions will trigger work orders instantly in the CMMS, notifying technicians and engineers immediately of a pending problem so corrective action can be taken before the issue turns into something more serious.

Send data directly to Fiix from:

  • Direct Machine Sensors
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

3. Build your own Maintenance App

Our API gives developers, partners or startups the ability to develop, package and sell their own branded maintenance applications on top of the Fiix platform. For example, lets say you want to build your own simple work request portal for your clients. You can now build your own request form and send the data directly into your CMMS using our API. OEM and partners can build branded CMMS with their own user interface on our platform in a matter of hours rather than months.

Our mission is to facilitate a new revolution in maintenance app development. Be it Mobile, cloud, custom, and packaged or native device, the opportunities are endless. We can’t wait to see what you build.


All our API documentation is available in our developer resource section on our website. Read the contents of the API page carefully, including the Restrictions and Responsibilities, to understand how to be a good API citizen and to understand general restrictions and concerns. Check out our developer page today and get started with samples, tutorials, and API references.

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