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Guest Work Request – Feature Update

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Guest Work Request – Feature Update

To date, the guest work request form had a limited number of customizations available. In addition, toggling the guest work requestor on and off required enabling or disabling menu permissions for the guest group. In the latest release, we’ve added some additional functionality to the guest requestor to simplify the process and make it easier for your guest users to submit tickets.

Toggle the functionality on/off

You can now toggle the functionality on and off with the click of a button in the work request section of the CMMS Settings:

Guest work request

Customize available fields

In the latest release, we’ve added the ability to switch off fields that are not necessary for the guest user to submit a request. For example, you may not want the guest user to decide the maintenance type for a work request so you can switch it off.


Quick link to guest work requestor

When you switch on the guest work requestor, you now have the ability to quickly route guests to the popup form using a quick link URL.

Guest Requestor fields

This link can be embedded on your website or intranet page routing the guest user directly to the guest work request popup. Simply check the “Enable quick link routing to popup work service request form” checkbox, click save and you will be presented with the direct links to the guest work request form.

For organizations using multi-site functionality, the system generates guest request URL’s for each site.

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