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Four ways maintenance will change the game for modern business

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IDC & Fiix Software webinar

Technology is rapidly transforming the topography of today’s business landscape. In the maintenance world especially, CMMS software is paving a new way for the future of maintenance operations.

We recently partnered with industry analyst International Data Corporation (IDC) to provide a webinar that goes deeper into what these changes in technology mean for the maintenance world, including:

  • The current trends, business drivers, and industry benchmarks shaping digital transformation, and how they impact maintenance
  • Real-life examples of maintenance teams taking the first steps on their digital transformation journeys, and the strategies they used to transform their business
  • What to consider, pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities to seize when planning for technological change

IDC’s Kevin Permenter kicked things off with a frank discussion of which challenges organizations face when they take on digital transformation, noting that investment in technology has been and will continue to be a huge piece of what makes companies successful.

Digital transformation is not an ‘it’ll happen soon’ kind of thing. It’s already happening, and it’s only going to pick up speed going forward. In order to compete, large or small, manufacturers are going to have to invest in these technologies like analytics, AI, and IoT.
– Kevin Permenter, IDC

Next, Fiix’s Stuart Fergusson took the floor to discuss the CMMS journey, and what needs to happen before an organization has a connected platform.

The webinar ended with a Q&A segment, which shed light on everything from which technical resources are needed to set up and maintain a CMMS, to practical first steps in setting up a CMMS, and more.

You can view the webinar here.

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