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Increasing Maintenance Efficiency and Quality with Work Order Tracking Software

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Work Orders: “Are We There Yet Dad? Are we?”

From a maintenance manager’s perspective, work order tracking software is like having a magic project manager for each maintenance task who can be in four places at once; supervising a technician on site, revising inventory back at the warehouse, ordering replacement parts in the office, and reporting on the cost savings in the boardroom.

"Are we there yet?": The work order process can be exhausting without work order tracking software

“Are we there yet?”: The work order process can be exhausting without work order tracking software

Imagine hiring such a maintenance magician for as little as $40 a month!

We all know that maintenance work orders can be like the long drive home from a vacation with 3 small children. The longer the job, the crankier everyone gets in the back seat. Everyone from the equipment users to the CEO is asking “are we there yet, are we?”

The tracking function removes the stress of “worrying” from a maintenance job and frees up your time for better things.

How work order tracking software works

How does work order tracking software work its magic? By living in the Cloud, like any good wizard. Software systems out-perform paper system because real-time updating keeps everyone connected.

Let’s say a factory worker hears an unusual noise or experiences an equipment slowdown. Instead of grumbling about it and feeling like “nobody ever listens to us,” they can instantly submit a maintenance request. Work orders can even be triggered automatically by equipment breakdown, because the software is connected to equipment monitors.

Work orders take literally seconds to initiate, because all the information the repair technician will need is already linked to the profile of the equipment. You can tweak the instructions by pulling out extra tasks or specifications from drop down menus. Just select your technician, set a timeline, press “Assign,” and away you go.

As the technician orders and uses parts, the work order tracks that too, alerting you to reorder parts if necessary. Even new situational repair procedures will be added to the database as the job progresses, as notes, or even pictures. You can observe these changes to make sure they meet regulations, and this precious information is preserved even if a different technician is assigned next time.

The job moves from through every stage right in front of your eyes…

Requested… Draft… Assigned… Open… In Progress…and finally, everybody’s favourite: Closed! We’re Home!

Now you can say, “we’ll be there in exactly 45 minutes, and we will have saved $149 doing so.” instead of “No more washroom breaks, you can hold it.”

How you benefit from work order tracking software

The benefits of work order tracking software are many. First up, you’ll save money through clever management of inventory and staff. Speaking of staff, timely maintenance will boost employee productivity and promote good health and safety values.

Best of all, because the maintenance system’s tracking function feeds the data on these savings into your reports, your organization will stop looking at maintenance as a pesky cost to cut. They’ll start seeing maintenance as a great financial investment, and the savings and good feelings generated will support good preventative maintenance features.


Preventative maintenance is the magic elixir that transforms downtime into extended asset life, to pump up your bottom line.


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