Get Your Fiix: maintenance news for April 2019

Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news for April 2019

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Maintenance news from around the world

How Mobile Devices Help Manufacturers Get Ahead in the Digital Age (Jay Voorheis, MachineDesign)

Adopting a new way of working can be challenging for those in manufacturing maintenance where legacy systems, like clipboards and spreadsheets, are deeply ingrained in the routines and culture. This thinking is butting heads with today’s digitally-driven business environment where productivity is measured in seconds, information is captured in real-time, and issues are expected to be solved at a moment’s notice. This piece looks at how mobile devices are a key part of this digital transformation and how they can be used to fuel a revolution in maintenance.

The basics of setting up an effective PdM program (Timothy Thomas, PlantServices)

The three most commonly used maintenance strategies are reactive, preventive, and predictive. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. In most cases, a combination of all three strategies will lead to success. The rise of new technology means implementing predictive maintenance is much more practical, but it comes with a need to understand best practices for creating a predictive maintenance program. This article walks you through the steps of setting up a PdM program so you can be successful when it comes time to take the leap.

Maintenance Goals for 2019 (Peter Philips, MRO Magazine)

Goals are important to the success of any maintenance department. Without them, you and your team are left wondering in the wilderness, with no defined priorities, expectations, or direction. When this happens, chaos reigns. This article provides an antidote to this scary scenario. It is a case study in goal-setting, maintenance auditing and creating a path to success. It provides a template for any maintenance operation looking for ways to overcome obstacles and complete big projects that improve their facility.

While Montreal sleeps, every minute counts for subway maintenance workers (Morgan Lowrie, National Post)

The Montreal subway system is one of the busiest public transit networks in Canada, which is why maintaining its infrastructure key to ensuring the safety and productivity of the whole city. This article draws back the curtains on work usually done behind the scenes by maintenance staff. It not only sheds light on the dedication of these workers, but also the importance of preventive maintenance and the impact this work has on the people of the city and its bottom line.

Maintenance news from Fiix

Four strategies for reducing turnover in maintenance

Knowledge is a key resource in maintenance. But what happens when an employee walks out the door for good and takes that knowledge with them? The answer isn’t pretty. There’s the high cost of hiring, onboarding, and training, not to mention a dip in productivity, reliability, and uptime. More and more organizations are facing this harsh reality as turnover in maintenance grows, but they don’t have to. This post looks at how facilities can retain staff and improve knowledge transfer to reduce the impact of turnover.

Proactive vs. reactive maintenance: What’s the difference—and can they actually work well together?

People tend to see maintenance strategies as an “either-or” situation, with preventive and predictive maintenance being the approaches everyone strives for. But any well-rounded organization realizes that success is maximized when many different maintenance methods work together, rather than choosing one and sticking to it until the end of time. This post examines how reactive maintenance differs from proactive maintenance and how they can actually work together, rather than be at odds with one another.

Mastering the fundamentals: Maintenance work orders

Work orders are the engine of your maintenance operation. They power your team and move work from point A to point B. But there are millions of engines in the world, from rusted duds to high-powered studs. This article is about mastering the maintenance work order, from how to build them to how to manage them, so your operation can run as smooth as a luxury sports car.

Finding success with failure codes

No one likes when things go wrong. Worse still, when it happens without an explanation, it can be immensely frustrating. How are you supposed to prevent a problem from occurring again when you don’t even know what caused it in the first place? In the world of reliability, failure codes exist to try to avoid this situation. This article looks at failure codes, how they’re used and all the ways they can help your team optimize its maintenance practices.

The future of maintenance: A practical guide to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is everywhere in the maintenance community, from blog posts to board rooms. Yet, talk of it is often full of buzzwords and short on real solutions. We cut through the jargon and the grandiose promises to uncover what exactly Industry 4.0 is, how it relates to maintenance, and how you should be preparing for it. This piece tackles everything from artificial intelligence to machine learning and IIoT, and how each of them links to what maintenance teams are doing every day.

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