Get your Fiix: Maintenance news for August 2019

Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news for August 2019

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Maintenance news from around the world

Reliability in the Cloud: How to Deploy Cloud-based Maintenance Solutions (Eric Whitley, Reliable Plant)

Many maintenance teams in manufacturing have their sights set on entering Industry 4.0. These plans to step into the future come with visions of fully automated machinery, data-crunching software, and technology that allows them to predict failure. However, achieving these goals is easier said than done and the logistics of making modern maintenance a reality can leave your head spinning. This article lays out a five-phase roadmap for implementing maintenance software so everyone in a facility can work to make improvements while reducing risk.

Why Predictive Maintenance is Not a Silver Bullet Solution for Manufacturers (Willem Sundblad, Forbes)

While predictive maintenance (PdM) can seem like a very attractive proposition, there can also be serious consequences if it isn’t done well. A false alarm triggered by inaccurate data can lead to incorrect maintenance and higher spending. This piece explores best practices for creating a predictive maintenance strategy for your team, as well as other asset management concepts that can make PdM successful, and why predictive maintenance should never be considered a silver bullet, no matter how well you do it.

The 7 guiding principles of a Maintenance 4.0 strategy (Eitan Vesely and Deddy Lavid, Plant Services)

With the hype around digitalization and modern maintenance at a fever pitch, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the multitude of software options available to maintenance teams. While this can be daunting, the biggest struggle companies face when implementing new maintenance technology is a failure to devise a strategy that addresses a long period of uncertainty. Formulating a digital strategy is not easy, but this blog post provides guidelines to help you get off the bench and into the game so you can ace digital transformation.

The transformative power of chatbots in the manufacturing industry (Naveen Joshi, BBN Times)

Chatbots are commonly used by customer service teams and consumer-facing companies to make communication easier and get information to people faster. Now, manufacturers are beginning to leverage chatbots as a tool to streamline processes, including routine maintenance tasks, and maximize ROI. This article looks at all the ways chatbots have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing and maintenance by facilitating knowledge transfer, making internal communications easier, improving safety, and more.

Maintenance news from Fiix

How to build and optimize a preventive maintenance schedule

Optimizing a preventive maintenance schedule means planning tasks at certain intervals that are best for the asset. But “what’s best” for assets can differ. Understanding the difference allows you to coordinate PMs more effectively, build an efficient maintenance schedule, reduce the risk of downtime, effectively manage backlog, and control costs. This blog post guides you through a strategy for building a better maintenance schedule by analyzing your assets, your resources, and ways to effectively bring the two together.

Using a CMMS to improve technician productivity in the Oil and Gas industry

Maintenance efficiency is especially important in the oil and gas industry, where time is money (a lot of it) and downtime can result in significant profit loss. CMMS software is one tool that can be used to turn a good maintenance team into the ultimate picture of productivity. This is more and more essential as competition and automation increases in the oil and gas industry. The piece dives deep into how maintenance teams in oil and gas can leverage a CMMS to increase efficiency, improve safety, and cut downtime.

How integrating with SensrTrx helps Fiix customers conquer condition-based maintenance

With the recent launch of the Fiix Integration Hub, there are now near-endless possibilities for Fiix customers to connect to enterprise systems and operational technologies to make data-driven decisions, boost productivity, and improve asset performance. With over 150 new ways to connect your CMMS to other business systems, it can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re highlighting some of our integration partners. First up is SensrTrx, manufacturing analytics software that uses real-time machine data to be “a Fitbit for manufacturing.”

Making sense of maintenance metrics: Planned maintenance percentage

It’s never a good idea to walk into a supermarket without a grocery list. Without a plan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, forget items, and spend too much. These problems are magnified in maintenance. Unplanned maintenance wastes a lot of time and money while setting production back several steps. That’s why planned maintenance percentage (PMP) is a crucial metric. This post outlines everything you need to know about PMP, including what it is, how to calculate it, and how it can improve your maintenance planning.

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