Maintenance news for June 2019

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Check out the articles below for your monthly dose of interesting and informative maintenance news from around the industry.

Maintenance news from around the world

How self-maintenance can help or hinder equipment maintenance (Jaime Vos, Association of Equipment Manufacturers)

Even with the influx of technology, maintenance will always have a human element. People have to carry out the repairs, operate the digital tools, and communicate results. Because of this, human error will always be part of the equation in maintenance. However, your operation can cut down on these mistakes by ensuring every member of the maintenance team is performing at their best. This article provides some practical ways maintenance professionals can take better care of themselves so they can take better care of the equipment.

14 keys to securing your CMMS data (David Berger, Plant Services)

Data security is increasingly top-of-mind for manufacturing facilities as data becomes more prevalent and sought-after. This is especially relevant to maintenance teams as they adopt cloud-based technology, such as CMMS software. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns, human error, and malicious acts, such as hacking, are all threats to the data captured and stored through a CMMS. However, there are many steps that can be taken to safeguard information and minimize the chances of data loss. This piece explores 14 of those practices and how your maintenance team can implement them.

Expanding Use-Cases for Mobile and Wearable Technology in Manufacturing (Nick Castellina,

The use of data has the potential to revolutionize the way maintenance teams work, but accessing that data in real-time is often a challenge in the typical manufacturing facility. Maintenance is inherently a mobile job done amidst lots of noise, extreme conditions, and potential hazards. These are less-than-ideal circumstances in which to access data. This article takes a deep dive into how mobile solutions and wearable technology are flipping the script and allowing maintenance teams to use data to their advantage on the job.

Maintenance news from Fiix

Four ways maintenance will change the game for modern business

Technology is rapidly transforming the topography of today’s business landscape. In the maintenance world especially, CMMS software is paving a new way for the future of maintenance operations. We recently partnered with industry analyst International Data Corporation (IDC) to provide a webinar that goes deeper into what these changes in technology mean for the maintenance world. The webinar includes information on current trends shaping digital transformation in maintenance, real-life examples of maintenance teams on the journey to digital transformation journeys, and strategies for taking that first step yourself.

The key to CMMS success: Finding a CMMS champion

Every ship needs a captain — someone to steer the crew through rough waters and into new ports. The same is true for a CMMS. A leader is needed to help the maintenance team navigate CMMS implementation, use, and optimization. CMMS software only reaches its full potential when it’s used it to create efficient processes, leverage data, and maximize resources. It’s the job of the CMMS champion to make sure this happens. This post looks at what a CMMS champion is, and why every facility needs one to guide them to CMMS success.

Pencil whipping: When a healthy scorecard is too good to be true

Let’s face it, everyone cuts corners from time to time. It can feel great to ditch a task that doesn’t add value or takes up too much of your precious time. When it comes to maintenance operations, however, trying to get around daily tasks can throw a serious wrench in things. Unfortunately, forging work has become so common in the maintenance world that it’s earned its own nickname: Pencil whipping. This article uncovers why it happens, why it’s a problem, and which tools can be used to combat it.

Making sense of maintenance metrics: Overall equipment effectiveness

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is like a performance review for assets. It measures how well an asset is doing its job. In a manufacturing facility, an asset’s job is to make things, and OEE is a tool for determining how well an asset makes those things. In doing so, it tells you a lot about the efficiency of your manufacturing process and where it can be improved. This post outlines everything you need to know about overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the benefits of OEE, and how to improve OEE.

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