Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news for May 2019

Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news from May 2019

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Check out the articles below for your monthly dose of interesting and informative maintenance news from around the industry.

Maintenance news from around the world

Upgrade your maintenance plan: Align structure with bottom line goals (Steve Gahbauer,

Creating or improving a maintenance system can be a huge undertaking with many challenges. One of the biggest roadblocks is aligning the goals of the maintenance team (like reducing downtime and taming backlog) with the goals of the organization, which are usually to keep costs down and profitability high. This article looks at why these duelling agendas may not be as different as you think and provides a case study as a blueprint for how to combine the two.

Fixing digital manufacturing’s missed connections (Christine LaFave Grace, PlantServices)

The path to digital maintenance is often complicated by one crucial element — no one knows what ‘digital maintenance’ means. A lack of standard definitions, a shortage of cross-team communication, and a penchant for picking the trendy over the obvious have made the journey to digital maintenance long and arduous for many. Industry experts sound off in this piece about what needs to be done to conquer this hurdle and push maintenance into the future.

6 Heavy Machine Maintenance Tips to Extend Longevity (Vernon Glick, MachineDesign)

Whether it’s a mining operation or an auto manufacturer, no production facility wants to experience downtime. Breakdowns come with enormous financial costs and can threaten a company’s relationships. Heavy machinery is the backbone of any production-intensive business, but this sort of equipment can be prone to the effects of aging, such as the deterioration of parts that lead to stoppages, defects, and more. This post explores six strategies for maintaining heavy machines to extend their life and prevent failures.

For New Yorkers With Disabilities, The MTA Has Always Been A Problem (Sarah Kim, Forbes)

Maintenance isn’t always about keeping equipment running and striving for maximum efficiency. Sometimes it’s the key ingredient in ensuring people are safe and preventing accidents. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the New York transit system, where lapses in maintenance have made some subway stations inaccessible and have even led to several injuries. This article shines a light on the problem of accessibility and where maintenance fits into the solution.

Maintenance news from Fiix

Maintenance metrics and KPIs with Stuart Fergusson (PODCAST)

Managing maintenance operations is one thing—but is there a single “right” way to measure them? With hundreds of maintenance metrics available for organizations to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on to improve performance. Stuart Fergusson, Fiix’s Solutions Engineering Leader, recently stopped by the Rooted in Reliability podcast to get to the heart of what matters when it comes to maintenance metrics, like how metrics and KPIs work together, leading and lagging metrics, and fostering enthusiasm for hitting targets.

Three important industries that benefit from a CMMS (besides manufacturing)

When equipment fails, it can bring business to a standstill, lead to dissatisfied customers, and deal a permanent blow to your reputation. If your company is keeping maintenance records on paper or fixing machines only after they fail, it’s going to cause problems. Any business that invests heavily in physical assets needs to develop a proper maintenance plan, which begins with the right technology, like a CMMS. This article explores three industries (beyond manufacturing) that can benefit from a proper maintenance plan and CMMS software.

7 ways to improve inventory management and save money

Inventory management is the unsung hero of your maintenance operation — there usually isn’t a lot of praise for those who toil with spare parts. But when done right, it can elevate your asset management to the next level while saving your company a huge chunk of change. This blog post uncovers all the ways the maintenance team can improve inventory management to lower costs and avoid wasting time and money.

Integrating with Fiix: A guide to getting started

There’s a software solution for virtually anything a business wants to do these days. Alone, these software solutions are great at what they do, but when integrated together, they can achieve amazing things, like deeper collaboration, finding patterns in data, and identifying efficiencies. In the past, integrating software was complicated, time-consuming, and expensive, but has become much more accessible in recent years. This piece dives into integrations, their benefits, what to consider when thinking about integrations, and what all this means for maintenance.

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