Get your Fiix: Maintenance news for November 2018

Get your Fiix: Maintenance news you need to know from November 2018

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Maintenance news from around the world

Repair is as important as innovation (The Economist)

It’s no secret, maintenance lacks the glamour of innovation. It is mostly noticed in its absence, like a tear in a shirt or the spluttering of an engine. Maintenance is often dismissed as mere drudgery. This article looks at why society’s fetish for the shiny and new (often at the expense of maintenance) is misguided and dangerous, both to individuals and the global economy. It also explores why the impact of maintenance, or the lack of it, is so hard to measure.

Nine Smart Factories Lighting the Way to a Winning Industry 4.0 Strategy (John Hitch, IndustryWeek)

The future of manufacturing is shrouded in the unknown. There are many factors that could influence the industry moving forward, including the skills gap, an ageing workforce, trade disputes, and new technology. However, there is hope. This article highlights nine manufacturing facilities that appear to be weathering the storm of change with a solid Industry 4.0 strategy. The piece explores how these companies serve as a good model for how to successfully implement IIoT solutions for tangible financial and operational impact.

Reinventing After-Sales Service In A Subscription Economy World (Louis Columbus, Forbes)

The subscription economy has exploded in recent years with major innovators like Netflix and Blue Apron leading the charge. As it relates to manufacturing, whoever excels at product reliability and uptime excels in a subscription economy. This article examines how manufacturers can break their dependence on selling products and move to selling services, where maintenance fits in and the role of IIoT among other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Predictive Maintenance Breathes New Life into Legacy Equipment (Ian Wright,

One of the biggest changes in the manufacturing industry is the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The potential benefits of connecting all assets in a facility under a common platform are enormous. However, scrapping old equipment for a new solution isn’t always the most practical and is a non-starter for many manufacturers. This article takes a look at this particular challenge associated with digital transformation in maintenance and puts forth some ideas on how to integrate predictive maintenance technology into existing equipment and systems.

Where Do IIoT and Manufacturing Strategy Intersect? (Sarah Bellstedt, IoT For All)

In the world of manufacturing, there are seemingly endless strategies from which to choose. This article explores how these maintenance strategies, like Six Sigma and total productive maintenance, can be used with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to strengthen asset reliability at manufacturing facilities. The piece looks at the benefits of IIoT subcomponents, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and how they can take maintenance programs to the next level.

Maintenance news from Fiix

Pen and paper vs. maintenance software: The best method for reducing downtime

When businesses favour the status quo over adapting to new realities, it often ends poorly. For example, it’s easy to look your facility’s pen and paper method of maintenance and tell yourself it’s helping control downtime. Why switch to software when the same old system has worked so far? However, this business-as-usual approach could hurt you in the long-term. But just saying that maintenance software creates less downtime doesn’t make it true. That’s why we pitted the two maintenance planning methods against each other to see which one came out on top.

Optimizing preventive maintenance using a CMMS

For most of human history, we’ve had a very simple approach to maintenance: We fixed things as they broke. While maintenance practices have taken a huge leap forward since then, many preventive maintenance systems that exist today are driven by outdated time-based thinking rather than reliability principles. This article outlines eight tips for optimizing preventive maintenance using reliability centred maintenance principles and a CMMS system to implement them.

What’s the cure for unplanned maintenance?

If we think of unplanned maintenance as a disease (which isn’t much of a stretch, is it?) then it can be said that a CMMS can its cure. Maintenance software has the remarkable ability to cure unplanned maintenance stemming from any number of causes. If you’re finding yourself drowning in an endless cycle of fixing problems and facing downtime, a CMMS will help you understand where the problem lies so you can finally cure your maintenance operations. And while every organization is different, the steps to implement a CMMS are universal.

Tips, tricks and tools to make audits easier and cheaper for maintenance teams

Audits happen in almost every industry for a variety of reasons; to bolster safety, to prove compliance, or as due diligence for a potential business deal. Even though they’re common, audits aren’t always easy. They are often time-consuming and expensive, especially without a centralized source of knowledge. With the high cost of failure comes huge headaches and a potential loss of money. That’s why we broke down common types of audits and what maintenance teams can do to make them easier, cheaper and more successful.

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