Get your Fiix: Maintenance news for October 2018

Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news you need to know for October 2018

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Maintenance news from around the world

How Do We Fix The Manufacturing Skills Gap? Lots Of Ways! (Jim Vinoski, Forbes)

Manufacturers are growing more and more worried about the impending skills gap about to hit the workforce, which that has the potential to have a huge impact on the industry. There’s been plenty of ink spilled about the critical need for people trained in not only the skilled trades, like electricians, welders, and machinists, but also to work more generally in manufacturing and manufacturing maintenance. This article discusses the reason for the skills gap and what is being done to overcome this challenge to manufacturing facilities.

From Pokemon to Power Plants: The AR and IIoT Revolution (Aimee Xia, Electronic Design)

With industry analysts predicting 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020, the digital landscape continues to rapidly change. Emerging technologies such as the IIoT and augmented reality are reshaping industrial workflows through advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance. This article takes a look at the way manufacturing facilities and maintenance teams are using AR and IIoT to shape their operations and drive their business into the future.

Environmental Footprint of Maintenance (Erika Mazza, MRO Magazine)

Maintenance activities have a direct effect on the environment that surrounds the facility where they are executed. Manufacturing facilities, and especially those responsible for maintenance at these facilities, have a huge responsibility to keep the environment in mind when planning and executing their strategies and day-to-day operations. This article looks at the three aspects in which maintenance strategies contribute to the environmental footprint of a facility: resources, equipment efficiency, and waste.

The State of America’s Transit Infrastructure (Paul Comfort,

An interesting look at the state of transit infrastructure in the U.S and the critical role of maintenance in ensuring trains, subways, roads and more remain safe and reliable. This article explains the current state of transit infrastructure, why it’s so important going forward and how a significant investment in maintenance will benefit everyone.

What’s new at Fiix

Unplanned maintenance: Necessary evil or avoidable inconvenience?

Many pledge to plan their maintenance operations better, only to set aside those plans to address unexpected repairs. Unfortunately, backlog due to unplanned maintenance is a problem that plagues many. We saw this phenomenon firsthand in a recent survey we conducted. More than a quarter of respondents reported employing reactive maintenance right now, but none planned on using this approach in the future. It’s clear that reactive maintenance is something people have to deal with, but want to eliminate. That’s why we looked at whether reactive maintenance can ever truly be done away with, and steps to reduce it.

Time is money: Tips for using maintenance software to save time and spend more efficiently

Everyone knows that time is money, especially when it comes to maintenance. That’s why this article, part of our Digital Transformation blog series, explores how maintenance software can save time and help facilities reduce backlog, spend better and improve preventive maintenance. The piece looks at the inefficiencies caused by pen and paper and Excel, all the ways software can give you more time to spend on important tasks and how to use Fiix to get these benefits.

Mobile maintenance: More than just an industry trend (PODCAST)

What’s behind all the buzz about mobile maintenance? Fiix’s Manager of Customer Success, Scott Deckers, recently visited the Rooted in Reliability podcast for a discussion about why it’s more than just an industry trend and how it’s changing the game for maintenance teams. The podcast covers how maintenance has always mobile and why cloud computing has revolutionized maintenance operations. It also busts some myths about the perceived barriers to going mobile and discusses why standardization crucial in implementing a mobile CMMS.

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