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Auto-populate your equipment, parts & supplies

When it comes to setting up a CMMS for the first time, one of the biggest challenges is getting your data into the CMMS. Our searchable MRO marketplace lets you automatically populate your equipment or parts database by using related information directly from other leading MRO parts databases. When creating a new part, you can use the search feature to locate the part in the MRO database. When you locate the part you need, simply click copy to CMMS and your part record is automatically populated with the parts data.

 How does it Work?

With the feature switched on, you’ll see the search box beside the asset name in the parts record. Simply start typing the details for the part you’re looking for and the search will do the rest. When you find the information you need, click “Auto-complete details using this item” and the information from the MRO network is automatically uploaded into your CMMS. This includes name, description, images, manufacturer, supplier and UNSPSC number.  This new approach to equipment and parts entry means you can cut hours, even days off your CMMS set up. By syncing your parts data with the MRO network, you’ll know exactly what to get and where to get it. No more wasted time trawling through parts catalogues trying to locate spares.

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If your data is already in your CMMS but could do with a clean up, it is also possible to update existing records in the CMMS by clicking the sync icon on the asset record. The tool will search the MRO network for items that closely match what you have in your CMMS. When you find the item, click the “Auto-complete details using this item” button to update the asset record.

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Parts procurement. Lets look at the numbers

According to David Berger of Plant Services, a CMMS should deliver a 10-30% reduction of your replacements parts inventory. By using the CMMS to optimize your spares needs, your organization can reduce the amount of capital tied up in on-site replacement inventory. That means a CMMS should help you spend less by holding less stock. But these numbers can be difficult to achieve for small to medium sized business without the resources needed to analyse parts consumption. Traditionally, large enterprises have installed expensive and bloated inventory management and EAM systems to try to analyse consumption data and automate parts procurement, but this not a luxury that most small to medium sized businesses can afford. What if there was a simple solution that could procure parts and materials from directly inside your CMMS?

The simple solution

This feature allows users to quickly search and procure indirect inventory spares from the worlds leading iMRO parts distributors, directly inside the CMMS. And when you find the part you need, you can sync the information back to your CMMS so you’ll know what to order in the future. The new parts procurement feature helps you achieve those savings gains without having to invest ridiculous amounts of time and money in bloated and expensive ERP systems. It also offers a low cost way to offset the risk of downtime.

 CMMS Rapid parts procurement graphic

The search tool bar

This tool also comes with a search toolbar at the top of the CMMS so you can access the functionality without having you go through a parts record. New equipment, parts or supplies can be added to the CMMS in the same way by clicking the add new or update missing information icons on the bottom right hand side of the item.

CMMS Rapid parts procurement module graphic

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