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Maintenance metrics and KPIs with Stuart Fergusson (PODCAST)

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Fiix returns to the Rooted in Reliability podcast

Managing maintenance operations is one thing—but is there a single “right” way to measure them? With hundreds of maintenance metrics available for organizations to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on to improve performance.

Fiix’s Solutions Engineering Leader recently stopped by the Rooted in Reliability podcast to get to the heart of what matters when it comes to maintenance metrics. Stuart and host James Kovacevic discuss the cycle of performance management, how metrics and KPIs work together, the difference between leading and lagging metrics, and why it’s important to foster enthusiasm for hitting targets at every level of an organization.

Listen to the podcast episode here (also available on Accendio Reliability’s website) or read the transcript below.

Episode transcript

View the episode transcript

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