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We are always improving our CMMS product at Fiix. This is what we released recently and we are working on next.

What is new?

Login screen

You will notice a big improvement when you login. We have redesigned the login webpage to be more open and user friendly. Access with tablets such as iPad will be much easier with the large login and password boxes.

Guest requestors will benefit too. If you have enabled guest requestors, the maintenance request button is more prominent on the page. As most guest requestors will be unfamiliar with Fiix CMMS, prominent display of this button will help them find the place to submit their request. You can see the new login page when you access your CMMS, at our live test-drive page.

QR codes and mobile access

QR codes and Mobile access have now been switched on for all of users and accounts. QR codes are an exciting development that will improve your workflow. They will make requesting maintenance easier, and they will make completing work orders very fast.

New navigation buttons

Our developer Willie has added forward and back navigation buttons for items in lists. For example, work orders that are accessed from the work order list now have buttons to navigate forward or back to the next work order in the list. This will speed the work flow for people who work with large numbers of work orders, parts, and other items in a sequential way.

Create work order from asset screen

New buttons have been added to each asset page. For users with appropriate permissions, these buttons allow you to create work orders and scheduled maintenance directly from the asset. Give them a go next time you want to create a work order.

Multi-select for Bill of Materials

Lastly, I thought I would mention that we now have multi-select when you are creating or modifying a Bill of Material (BOM). This was released last week, and was developed as a result of a customer request. This multi-select functionality will be added to other parts of the application over time too. An example is shown in the image below. To add a part to the BOM the user clicks on the part in the left hand box and it will automatically add to the right hand box. To remove a part, the user just clicks on it in the right hand box and it is removed from the list.


Multi-select for Bill of Materials (BOM)

What are we working on this week?

Drag and drop

This week our developers are continuing to work on several work flow improvements. In particular, David is working on drag-and-drop functionality for adding files. This will take some time to implement, but it is being worked on and will be a huge improvement for your work flow.


Jason is developing a system for automatic refresh of the dashboard. New work requests and work orders will automatically be added as they come through.

Keep me logged in

We are adding the ability for the administrator of an account to allow a user to remain logged in on a personal computer for up to 30 days. People who use the CMMS on one computer every day will love it.

Work flow for the upcoming purchase order module

For the big purchase order module due for release near the start of October, Bob is working on making the work flow easy to use. The purchase order module will make the process of ordering parts and supplies for your maintenance requirements easy. It will be available for all of our customers, at no extra cost.

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