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New Feature – CMMS Inline Training

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CMMS inline training

Do we really need to train our staff?

The importance of training in an organization cannot be overemphasized. It is critical for continuous organizational development; helping the organization achieve its long-term business goals. Training is key to enhancing the skills of employees and expanding their knowledge base, leading to improvements in efficiency, productivity and performance. It is also the most important investment when implementing new processes or systems within an organization. Training increases user adoption, builds confidence, ensures program and project success.

Consequently, training is crucial when introducing a new CMMS into an organization. Management needs to invest in employee training to build the skills needed so the CMMS can be integrated into the business quickly and efficiently. In addition, properly trained employees are more committed to the success of the implementation, feel they are more valued and are more likely to engage with the application and accept it from the outset. It has been clearly identified that one of the main factors in CMMS implementation failure is lack of appropriate and ongoing training.

CMMS training – Must be new and innovative?

Since its invention, CMMS training has been conducted in the classroom environment. Its the same old story – the vendor flies their CMMS system specialist in to deliver training onsite or in a nearby conference center. The issue is this is very expensive and it can take weeks or months to line up schedules, book conference rooms, hotels, cars, flights etc. To complicate matters further, production at the plant must continue so someone from the maintenance team needs to be available if something goes down. As a result, it could take a number of sessions to get everyone trained. If you run shifts, you need to get the off-shift in on overtime. And what happens if your employees have different skill levels? The less computer savvy guys are afraid to ask questions as feel like they are holding everyone up so become frustrated. They also want to save face in front of their peers. In addition, theoretical scenarios created by the vendor can have little relevance to your organizational processes. At the end of the day, the maintenance team will forget everything the moment they walk out of the classroom. It’s a strange phenomenon!

In recent years, training webinars have become very popular. Webinars reduce the costs associated with having a CMMS specialist onsite, however, schedules must still line up. Issues with Internet connections, bridge phones, call clarity, installing meeting software on laptops, dialing in to 1-800 numbers, running around solving IT problems etc can be a nightmare.

Its 2013 – Get trained on your terms

We listened to our customers challenges and decided it was time to make a change. Don’t get us wrong we love our customers and we love giving custom training but we believe training should always be available, 24/7 to map to the reality of the maintenance organization –because that’s just how maintenance organizations work. No one will remember everything from an initial training session so, when Bob on the night shift forgets how to set up an Automated Request for Quote, what does he do? We explored ways of simplifying training and getting our customers proficient the same day they sign up. In Version 5, we introduced CMMS inline training videos on each screen so users can train themselves in real time at their own pace in their own environment. Tutorials are accessed within the application so there is no need to take the team off the job for training, allowing for immediate absorption and application of the newly learned skills. New hires can engage with the application immediately while incumbent users can access the CMMS inline training anytime to refresh or hone their skills. Users can practice on the job with relevant real world scenarios rather than theoretical scenarios created in classroom. Your CEO will be ecstatic as people will actually use the system and like the system which helps achieve operation goals for the organization. Imagine a CMMS that people actually like to use, wow!

As I mentioned above, the importance of training cannot be overemphasized but it doesn’t have to be once off, expensive and time consuming. It should happen when you need it, on your terms. So, why not try our CMMS inline training today on our test drive to see how it could help your team be more successful? To access the inline tutorials, simply click the “Show Video Help” button at the top of each application area. Videos can also be accessed on our website through our V5 video support page.

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