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Introducing our new mobile CMMS

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Introducing the mobile app from Fiix

We are excited to launch our much-anticipated new mobile app. The app is designed to help maximize productivity and equipment uptime while ensuring health & safety compliance. The new app gives your team secure access to critical CMMS data in the field or on the shop floor while they do the work, so there’s no need to print out work orders or take notes only to enter them into the system later. Capturing data at the point of use in real time eliminates double, freeing up time for the technician to do more productive tasks.

How mobile will help your organization

  • Stream line processes, eliminate paperwork and shorten work cycles
  • Arm your techs with the asset management data they need to increase first-time resolution rates
  • Capture 100% of asset touches, materials used, labor and more for every work order completed

 Assets, work orders and contacts are now available through the menu slider on the left giving direct access to the key pages with the slide of a finger. Technicians can sign off tasks, fill in repair notes and record meter readings quickly and easily with our simple intuitive user interface. It also gives supervisors and technicians the ability to do their jobs without being tethered to their desks.

Technicians can:

  • View, create, and edit service and work orders from the field
  • Access maintenance manuals, equipment schematics, safety procedures and work order history
  • Take pictures from your smartphone and attach them to work orders or assets
  • Scan barcodes or QR codes to get to the asset record quickly without having to leave the CMMS app.
  • Scan a barcode from an unknown item and add it to the asset hierarchy
  • Manage supplier and service contacts

Create a work order, attach a picture

Because Fiix Mobile is specially designed for your smartphone, it uses your smartphones built-in features. For example, you can take photos and videos of damaged assets, or add photos when you complete a work order using the smartphone camera. Simply click the camera icon on the work order record to take and attach the photo.

Take photos with MA CMMS Mobile

Picture the scenario; a night shift machine operator spots an oil leak from motor. In the past, they would fill out a request form and place it on the supervisor’s “to-do pile” on his/her desk. Now, the operator can take out their smartphone and create a work order on the fly by scanning the QR code on the asset. This will take them directly to the work order form where they can take a photo of the leak so the maintenance team knows exactly what tools to bring to the job site. When they click save, the work request is sent to the CMMS work order queue for review by the maintenance supervisor.

Stop wasting time getting set-up

Our old mobile application SpareTime has been integrated into our new app giving new and existing users the ability to build their asset hierarchy through a simple plant walk through. For new users, our mobile app will do all the tough stuff like configuring and setting up your system so you can focus on getting your maintenance work done.

  • Set up locations as you walk your facility
  • Enter your equipment details on the go
  • Take reference pictures of your facilities, equipment and components

At Fiix, we create software that we love to use. But we want to hear from you so we can keep improving, based on your feedback. Feel free to submit your feature improvement suggestions through the HELP section in your CMMS.

Download it today

From my 4 years experience at Fiix, those that use mobile CMMS are seeing big time benefits. I have no doubt Fiix Mobile will take your CMMS experience to the next level. It will help you maximize asset uptime, enhance safety and compliance, and ultimately achieve a higher return on your asset investments. Transform the way you do maintenance and download it today from the Apple or Android apps stores.

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