Food processing maintenance CMMS software

At Fiix we make maintenance software that will help you keep track of and maintain multiple manufacturing systems, machines, manufacturing lines or entire facilities with multi-site control equipping packagers with the unique tools you need to run a professional maintenance environment. For maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, maintenance technicians or line workers, our simple software helps make sure that your team gets their preventative maintenance done on time. Preventive maintenance equals less line shutdowns for emergencies.

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Drive productivity with food processing maintenance software:

  • Prepare for your next Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) , Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and ISO 22000 Audit.
  • Provide solid audit log documentation showing “One-Above” controls – to look beyond Assigned Individual to root causes and approvals
  • Organize and view your machines, systems and buildings in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Assign Facility Maintenance Managers to specific buildings, machines, lines, systems and assets
  • Schedule preventive maintenance on your high volume and high risk machinery
  • Have your facilities/machines trigger work orders automatically

Why use our food processing maintenance software?

Feature rich, simple, smart maintenance software

For far too long maintenance software for food processing facilities has been unnecessarily complicated. We decided to put an end to that. Our maintenance software focuses on combining ease-of-use with enterprise functionality, so it’s fully loaded with features, but you also get simple, smart software that makes your job easier, drives productivity and improves efficiency. It takes less time to learn and comes with embedded instructional videos so you’re never more than a click away from support if you get stuck. Imagine that. You actually can have it all.

Synced with today’s mobile world

Our fully mobile software offers maintenance management that’s always within reach. What does that mean? It means anytime, anywhere access to your maintenance software on any mobile device. Whether that’s your smartphone or tablet we’ve got you covered. Our native app is available for both iPhone and Android, and it makes full use of your phone’s built-in functions so you can scan an asset barcode, take a picture of the repair, and create the work order while you’re in the field and on the job. It’s a piece of cake.

Up and running in minutes, not weeks with cloud maintenance software

The cloud is a breath of fresh air from outdated, complicated, expensive maintenance software. Fiix cloud lets you securely run maintenance and asset management software over the Internet without having to buy, install or manage any hardware. Just open your browser, log in and start using your food processing maintenance software immediately.  There’s no complicated, costly upgrades to worry about either. We provide automatic, free upgrades so your software is always up to date and requires no work on your part. Cloud is the magic that makes us different from the other guys.

Spend less and get more

At Fiix we believe in total transparency and flexibility. When it comes to our pricing, what you see is what you actually pay, always. No hidden fees and no surprises. There’s no major up-front investments in licenses, hardware or implementation. Instead, you pay an affordable subscription fee that fits any size business to instantly access enterprise-grade maintenance software which you can cancel at any time. There’s no contract, there’s no catch, there’s no risk.

Just looking to kick the tires a bit?

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