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Connect teams, tools, data, and processes to get critical insights, scale your maintenance program, and boost asset performance with Fiix.

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You’re in good company with Fiix

Everything you need to manage 1000s of work orders, assets, and parts in a few clicks

Work order management

Stop struggling with paper work orders

Easily create, complete, and optimize work orders and work requests while keeping your records in one place. Automatically analyze your work orders with the work order insights report.

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Asset management

Managing your assets shouldn’t be guesswork

Observe, track, and optimize asset performance in a few clicks.

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Inventory management

Take full control of your storeroom

Get the right parts, at the right time, for the right price.

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Reporting and analytics

Stop hunting through binders and spreadsheets for answers

Collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data with on demand reports.

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Mobile maintenance

Everything you need to get the job done in the palm of your hand

Manage maintenance from anywhere, at any time, even without an internet connection.

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Maintenance teams everywhere are making a big impact with Fiix

Maintenance teams around the world have saved millions of dollars and thousands of hours with Fiix by:

Reducing asset-related downtime by 27%
Cutting production and operating costs by 10%
Lowering labor costs by 44%
Shrinking inspection times by 73%
Decreasing mean time to repair by 20%
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AI for maintenance

Automatically analyze 1000s of work orders

Introducing work order insights, an AI-powered report that gives you a short-list of work orders that are causing equipment failure, production delays, and compliance issues so you can fix problems before they happen.

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Connect, collect, and act

Get systems that talk to each other and data that work for you, because guesswork isn’t good work.

CMMS Integrations

Connect your CMMS to any system

Say goodbye to complicated, costly CMMS integrations. Connect, collect and share data, and trigger work across any system with Fiix.

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Proactive maintenance

Perth County Ingredients shifted from 100% reactive to 46% proactive maintenance with Fiix

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increased productivity

Rambler Metals & Mining cut their paperwork by 15% per shift with Fiix

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days to ROI

Callan Marine drastically reduced downtime after just 90 days with Fiix

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Ditch the status quo

Use Fiix’s free CMMS to kick failure to the curb

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Future-proof your maintenance

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