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What is Labs?

Labs is our developer space where you’ll find a bunch of cool beta projects, code bits, and other developer tools that add superhuman like functionality to your CMMS. If you’ve developed an awesome tool or groundbreaking functionality, and would like to make it available to our growing community, we’d love to hear more about it.

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google glass logoGoogle Glass
Raspberry Pi logoRaspberry Pi
arduino logoSerial Trigger
google translate logoGoogle Translate
black csv file iconMeter Reading file handler
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Google Glass

An open source project that brings our CMMS to Google Glass™ using our API.

Requires that our API be enabled.

Raspberry Pi logo

Raspberry Pi meter reader v1.4

Use your Raspberry Pi mini computer to collect meter readings and send them directly to your CMMS using our API.

Requires that our API be enabled.

arduino logo

Serial port meter reader v1.0

Use your Arduino or other device connected to your serial port to collect meter readings and send them to your CMMS using Java and our API.

Requires that our API be enabled.

google translate logo

Google Translate

Translate your CMMS into 90+ languages with this Google Translate tool. You’ll need to agree to Google’s Terms of Service to use it.

Contact support to turn on Labs. Then turn on Google Translate in the Settings area of the CMMS.

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black csv file icon

Meter reading file handler v1.4

Upload CSV files containing your equipment meter readings to your CMMS via our API.

Requires that our API be enabled.

Sandbox environment

Test your code end -to-end in our developer sandbox


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Developer guide

Step-by-step instructions to get started with our API.

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Client API reference

Complete documentation on the inner workings of our API.

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Software developer kit

Download our API libraries to help with your development.

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