Built-in MRO marketplace

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Source and compare millions of parts and spares

Quickly find parts, compare prices, request quotes, send purchase orders, and buy parts and spares from the worlds leading MRO parts distributors.

Find and buy parts directly in your CMMS

You can quickly find new suppliers for all those hard-to-find parts, compare pricing on millions of parts and supplies, and buy parts directly online from your CMMS.

Auto-populate your equipment, parts, and supplies records

Automatically populate your equipment and parts databases using information from millions of items in leading MRO parts databases.

Instantly create assets

Use our built-in search tool to find the part you’re looking for in the MRO database. When you locate it, click to instantly create a new asset and your part record is automatically populated with the part data.

Clean up existing equipment records

If your data is already in your CMMS, but could do with a clean up, you can update existing records in the CMMS with data from our built-in parts search tool by clicking the sync icon on the asset record. The tool will search the MRO database for items that closely match what you have in your CMMS. When you find the correct item, click the auto-complete details button to update the asset record. Now you’re up-to-date with the latest product and supplier information.

Sell your used equipment or over stocked parts

With thousands of users on our platform, your free listings will get plenty of views. To post an item, just click the “List” button on the asset record, set the price, and select which files you’d like to add to the listing. Then post them to buyers. Complete with filters, geo-sort functions, and instant transfer of the asset record to the new buyer’s CMMS.

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