Give your MRO customers a branded CMMS to drive loyalty and increase your sales

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Build your MRO business with Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant offers a while-label maintenance and asset management solution in the cloud that MRO vendors can provide to their customers to help them manage their maintenance activities.

A custom branded maintenance software solution powered by Maintenance Assistant gives your customers the ability to purchase your MRO parts and schedule direct-from-provider services right in the application.

As their maintenance software provider your brand will be in front of your customers every day, helping you grow your MRO parts and supplies sales.

Create new MRO revenues

Our in-application MRO marketplace makes it easy to find and buy parts, get product recommendations, display promotions and get low stock alerts at checkout to increase cart size and frequency.

Our inventory manager knows what parts are needed for upcoming maintenance, automatically checking your stock and creating MRO purchase requests.

Our patent pending on-boarding tools sets you up as a preferred supplier and automatically associates your parts and supplies to your customer’s maintenance software making re-ordering a breeze.

Our maintenance software can connect with machine sensors to monitor equipment health and trigger work requests, proactively order MRO parts and schedule maintenance before a breakdown occurs.

Better maintenance management starts with the Maintenance Assistant

Connect directly with machine sensors and drive predictive maintenance and MRO spend so parts arrive ahead of time

Stay top of mind and grow loyalty with your own branded maintenance and asset management software solution

Order parts in-app easily right when your need them with MA Source™

Orders parts and supplies on the go at point of need with MA Mobile™

Integrate with other enterprise software systems with MA Connect™

Empower your customers and transform your business

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