Seamless ERP connections

Easily connect your maintenance and asset management software with your NetSuite ERP


Super simple ERP integration

Simple one click set up

Our simple, one click set up intelligently downloads your entire asset inventory from your NetSuite ERP to your CMMS.

Streamline processes

Send purchase requests from your CMMS to your NetSuite ERP allowing you to make requests directly from inside your CMMS.

Always in sync

Your CMMS and NetSuite ERP are in constant communication which means that the information in both systems is always in sync.

Considering integrating your CMMS and ERP?

We created a complete guide that outlines the benefits and key items to consider with any CMMS and ERP integration.

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How do maintenance teams use the NetSuite integration?

1. One click set up

Enable the NetSuite connection from your CMMS to download your assets.

2. Send purchase requests

Easily submit purchase requests to your ERP directly from your CMMS.

3. Purchases reviewed

CMMS sends purchase request directly to your purchasing department.

4. Parts ordered

Purchasing approves the request, parts are ordered and shipped.

5. CMMS updated

New assets are automatically added to your CMMS and are ready to use.

6. Regular syncs

Your CMMS is always synced with NetSuite through constant updates.

Have other integrations in mind?

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