CMMS integrations

Connect your CMMS to any system

Say goodbye to complicated and costly CMMS integrations. Connect, collect, and share data, and trigger work across any system with Fiix.

Connect to any ERP system

Open maintenance to the rest of your business so everyone can collect, share, and action accurate data.

Link your CMMS and ERP without any coding

We do the development for you so you don’t have to learn any code, hire a contractor, or put in-house resources into connecting your maintenance team to the rest of your business.

Put all your financial information in one place

Share inventory purchase details, quantities, vendors, and more between your CMMS and ERP system. Spend less time on data input, eliminate errors, shed uncertainty about your parts, and get the data you need to make accurate CapEx decisions.

Automatically sync maintenance data to your ERP without lifting a finger

Send CMMS updates to your ERP in minutes without switching systems, logging data twice, or having to reorganize it once it’s there.

Connect to any production system

Have information from sensors, PLCs, SCADA, and other systems sent straight to your CMMS so you can tap into the performance and condition of your equipment.

Tie all your production systems together

Collect real-time data from your sensors, PLCs, HMIs, and more. Funnel all the information into your CMMS to track the condition and performance of assets from one place.

See accurate KPIs at a glance

Plug your CMMS into your production systems to get all your KPIs sent to one central spot so you can make sure everyone is seeing the same metrics, like throughput and downtime.

Streamline workflows for the whole organization

Connect your CMMS to the tools everyone at your company uses to get the job done, like email or chat tools. Submit, prioritize, and complete work without miscommunication or wasted time.

Do integrations your way

Build integrations that work for your operation with our wide selection of development tools.

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Use our open API to tailor integrations to your operation

Create custom integrations without any hassle. Start syncing data between your systems, trigger maintenance, and track financial information by connecting your CMMS to any software, system, or sensor your business uses.

Execute your integrations flawlessly with the developer guide

We offer a complete guide that outlines the benefits, step-by-step instructions, and key items to consider when working with the open API and connecting your CMMS to any system.

Test your custom integrations with no risk

Experiment with your CMMS integrations using our sandbox environment. Build your integration, try it out, and work out any snags before going live.

Avoid surprises when creating an integration

Access all the details on the inner workings of Fiix’s open API. See tables that are exposed and objects that can be used for push and pull requests when building custom integrations.

Explore our full maintenance solution

Fiix work order management
Fiix asset management
Fiix parts and supplies
Fiix mobile
Fiix reporting

Work order management

Create, complete, and track your work orders in a few clicks so you can build schedules, pass audits, analyze failure, and more with less effort. Learn more

Asset management

See and manage all equipment information in one place— from repair history and cost, to hierarchy, parts consumption, and more.Learn more

Parts and supplies

Purchase, organize, and use your inventory more efficiently so you can get the right parts, at the right time, and for the right price.Learn more


Everything you need to manage, measure, and optimize maintenance in the palm of your hand. Learn more

Reporting and analytics

Collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data with a central dashboard, in-depth reports, audit tools, and more. Learn more

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