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Configures Fiix for the packaging industry

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Arro Corporation is a contract packager of industrial bulk products for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Based in Illinois, Arro Corporation operates two manufacturing facilities and two distribution centers in the Chicago area with +600,000 square feet of process and warehouse space. Arro employs Fiix at its two manufacturing facilities to track their maintenance activities.The maintenance manager, George Ulatowski, and his team of technicians manage everything in the 200,000 sq. ft. Chicago facility from packaging and automation equipment to the HVAC and facilities.

Increased compliance pressures

Like many similar organizations, Arro was looking for a packaging industry CMMS to replace their Excel spreadsheet that tracked PM, work orders and parts lists. “It did a good job but Arro needed a professional CMMS to satisfy the audit requirements of vendors and clients,” recalls George. Being Safe Food Quality (SQF) Level 2 certified ensures food safety management and continuous monitoring procedures are correctly executed; safeguarding the quality of the food products produced. The SFQ certification program is a rigorous food safety management standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

“We tried a number of applications but Fiix was a lot faster”, George said. George has configured it as a packaging CMMS to manage the scheduled maintenance and automatically create the associated work orders when due. “It is crucial for scheduling work for audits and certifications,” explains George. The work is completed and logged in the CMMS, but a paper copy is also printed out and signed off to maintain a physical paper trail. Fiix has been designed to be a paperless system with a digital audit log but “the auditors like the paper copy,” explains George. “As they are not regular users of the CMMS, it’s easier and quicker to scroll through the paper copies to scrutinize.”

We tried a number of applications but Fiix was a lot faster.

George Ulatowski, Maintenance Manager

Arro Corporation

An essential tool that works well

“We’re big on work orders here at Arro”, says George. “We truly believe if something needs attention, then a work order should be created… even if it is just a leaky sink. That way, we can easily track the work that needs to be done. It saves us a ton of time.” With employee turnover or retirement, any maintenance information or lessons learned remain in the organization. “Emails can get deleted and word of mouth can be easily forgotten so it’s great to have one central database of everything maintenance related. If we worked on something one year ago, it’s nice to go back into the asset history and see what we did, what parts we used etc.” George developed his own asset naming convention so everything can be quickly referenced in the CMMS. “I also use the mobile app on iPad and iPhone”, says George. “You can get tired staring at a computer screen all day so its nice to grab the iPad and leave the desk. You can check what needs to be done as you walk the floor.”

What’s next for George and his team?

“We have hundreds of PM’s here already, and we’re expanding with new equipment all the time so it would be impossible to track without a CMMS. Overall, the CMMS helps with timing the work and keeps us more organized for those audits,” explains George. “We perform fire safety checks every month. The documentation is there if the insurance company does an audit.”

Maintaining the SQF certification reinforces Arro Corporation’s commitment to the highest food safety and quality standards. Using Fiix ensures preventive maintenance procedures and safety inspections are performed on time. “We’re looking forward to using the new features as they are rolled out over the coming months and continuing the relationship between Fiix and Arro Corporation”, says George. “I’m confident there’s nothing out there as good as Fiix. My team and I love using it”.

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