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How a global leader in packaging solutions used Fiix to streamline maintenance operations across multiple sites

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Ardagh Group is a global leader in glass and metal packaging solutions. The company operates 109 glass and metal manufacturing facilities in 22 countries, creating packaging for sectors including beverage cans, food, aerosols, beer and spirits.


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Life before Fiix

“It looked like seven different companies,” says Tony Leombruno, TPM Champion at Ardagh Group, about the organization’s maintenance operations before implementing Fiix.

“There was no uniformity of work practices. Everyone was just doing their own thing, the best way that they could.” Luckily, the organization understood that this kind of inconsistency across seven different sites was problematic, and there was an appetite for change. “Every plant manager wanted to capture everything in one system. They just didn’t have anyone to drive it.”

Tony had worked with CMMS software in the past, so he understood the value of implementing one. “For me,” he elaborates, “the foundation of a world-class maintenance organization is a CMMS. You have to have something to capture information and steer your efforts in the right way. It’s a necessity.”

There was no uniformity of work practices. Everyone was just doing their own thing, the best way that they could.

Tony Leombruno, TPM Champion

Ardagh Group

Evaluating multi-site maintenance software options

Getting input from stakeholders at each plant was essential as Ardagh started evaluating CMMS solutions. To ensure they chose the right solution for all seven facilities, Tony developed a steering team with representatives from each plant to decide which features were most important. The team looked at which features were needed, grading them from one to 10, with one being ‘that would be nice to have’ versus 10 being ‘we absolutely gotta have this’. This let them look at different systems and rank each one against all the features the team considered most important for their business.

Number one on their list of must-have features was user accessibility and interface, says Tony. “It was important for us to capture all the information a CMMS could provide, but if the guys on the floor don’t like it, or it’s too complicated, they won’t use it.”

Bringing Fiix to Ardagh

For Tony and the steering team, Fiix was the best fit for their criteria, so they worked with the Fiix implementation team to roll the solution out at three pilot plants. Fiix’s implementation specialists directed the Ardagh team on particulars like asset naming conventions, getting the system set up, reporting, KPIs, and even best practices based on other customer experiences.

“There were so many things we didn’t think about because we didn’t come from the IT side. Fiix was always there to help us so that we never went too far down the wrong path. They also provided a ton of help with reporting and KPIs, making sure that when we went back to look at the data later it was correct,” says Tony.

When it came to bringing the software to technicians, it was an easy sell. “It was a pretty seamless transition. We told our technicians, ‘Now everything you need, all the information to get your job done, is a click away.’ Before, if someone had to find information, they had to go find a manual. What we’ve found now is that it’s embedded in the culture of each plant. Everyone wonders how they got anything done without it.”

Achieving KPIs and lowering costs

According to Tony, one of the first noticeable benefits of implementing Fiix was the ability to generate detailed reports for Ardagh’s KPIs. “There are tons of KPIs out there, and we didn’t want to get bogged down with too many at first. The foundation of our maintenance program is PMs, so the first things we dove into were schedule compliance, PM task completion, and our reactive maintenance percentage.”

Analyzing these KPIs allowed the Ardagh team to start PM optimizations. They used reliability-centred maintenance methods to look at each piece of equipment, what the potential failure modes and faults are for the equipment, and whether or not the right preventive maintenance tasks are set up to address those faults.

“We found out that we’re missing a lot of PM tasks, and we also had a lot of tasks in our PMs that didn’t really add any value. We’ve estimated cost savings of about 10-15% just by removing tasks that we didn’t really need to do, and that’s all thanks to PM optimizations through looking at our KPIs.”

For Tony, the difference between life before Fiix and life with Fiix is like night and day. “Before Fiix, the guys on the floor were thinking, ‘I hope I get everything done. I’m not even sure exactly what needs to be done.’ Versus now, especially with the new dashboard features, it’s more like, ‘I know specifically what I need to do, when I need to get it done by, and in addition to that, I can track my performance.”

[Now] I know specifically what I need to do, when I need to get it done by, and in addition to that, I can track my performance.

Tony Leombruno, TPM Champion

Ardagh Group

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