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Implements CMMS maintenance software for electronics industry

The M.S. Kennedy Corporation (MSK) is a leading provider of high performance analog microelectronics, including custom analog/mixed signal hybrids, power hybrids and multi-chip modules. Their products are precision made and of the highest quality, used extensively in the industrial, aerospace, defense and space applications. MSK’s state-of-the-art 43,000 sq. ft. facility in upstate New York has positioned MSK as one of the premier microelectronics manufacturers in the industry.

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Simplicity trumps complexity

James Burrows is the maintenance manager at MSK. His team maintains all facility equipment, automated manufacturing and test and analytical equipment. He was looking for electronics industry maintenance software when he came across Fiix. “Up to 2012, we used a custom Microsoft Access based CMMS we built ourselves that wasn’t bad but it didn’t have all the features we need”, recalls James. “In particular we wanted to move to a cloud based CMMS so we could access the application from any Internet connected device. We spent a lot of time doing our homework and eventually narrowed the search down to 3 vendors but Fiix seemed the easiest to navigate with its user-friendly screens…and the price was right too! The CMMS is so simple to use that we trained our technicians ourselves with a few short tutorials in the boardroom.”

Fiix has been up and running at MSK for approximately nine months now and the system functionality is being rolled out as needed. Fiix has an import tool for data migration but James decided to perform the process manually. “We wanted to cleanse the data so manually importing it made sense”, explains James.

“The CMMS is so simple to use that we trained our technicians ourselves with a few short tutorials in the boardroom.”
James Burrows, Maintenance ManagerM.S. Kennedy Corporation

Organized maintenance is key to reducing costs

“The biggest benefit is Fiix is a real time saver. It’s so easy to navigate and find the information you need. When the guys come in the morning, they know exactly what needs to be accomplished that day”, explains James.

Key asset related documents for MSK, including lock-out/tag-out procedures, equipment history, schematics, manuals and warranty information are now stored in one central location. One of the big advantages of this is the database of maintenance information that builds over time as information is logged throughout the day. James is looking forward to delving deeper into the reports to extract some valuable insights to further optimize the maintenance functionality of his new CMMS.
Any CMMS setup is an investment in time but it will improve productivity in the future. “Overall, we’re much more organized”, says James. “Technicians are more productive because they have all the information they need at their fingertips”. A proper electronics industry maintenance CMMS is the most efficient way to track and complete your preventive maintenance checklists. James also uploaded all MSK’s environmental health and safety documents directly into the CMMS so the information is readily available during OSHA and DEC annual audits.

Small things make a big difference

“One of the nicest features is the highlighted parts and supplies on the work orders. We can see exactly what parts are used on that particular piece of equipment. It saves our technicians a ton of time” explains James. “Technicians can search inventory stores on the floor and find exactly what they need. They can then call it in to Alicia in parts & logistics if we’re out of stock – parts reordering takes 5 minutes rather than 5 hours.” The new Fiix purchase order module will simplify that process further by allowing the technician to send purchase requests directly from the CMMS.

Plans for future maintenance

“Cloud driven software is definitely the future”, says James. “We just got approval for an iPad so technicians can access the CMMS on the production floor, tool side, as they perform their work. With their CMMS and cellphones, they now have all the resources they need to complete the job system-wide without having to leave the cleanroom and de-gown, thus reducing downtime”.

A common misconception is that CMMS software is for big companies. The truth is that it can be implemented in any sized organization, from small to large, with relative ease. “I really like the software, it saves us time, we look forward to working with Fiix as improvements are rolled out in the future”.