How a field-based maintenance team overthrew Excel and went mobile with Fiix

Voltalia is a renewable energy producer and service provider. Their maintenance team had a great need to work with a mobile maintenance software, and needed to be able to track their KPIs.

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Improvement in measuring KPIs
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Before Fiix: Using Excel with weak results

For Vasco Vieira, Maintenance Engineering Director at Voltalia, the challenge his team was facing was obvious. They were using Excel spreadsheets to track their maintenance activities and lacked a solution to deal with document management, tickets, materials, failures, and quality controls. Further, they were unable to identify and measure any KPIs.

When they began evaluating maintenance software, they had a number of requirements to consider. “We were looking for a mobile version that could be used in the field,” says Vasco. They also wanted one solution to track their many assets and manage their tools and inventory.

“We were looking for a mobile version that could be used in the field.”

Vasco Vieira, Maintenance Engineering DirectorVoltalia

Gaining flexibility with Fiix

Since selecting Fiix, Vasco and his team have been most impressed with the customer support they’ve received, which has translated into quick and enthusiastic adoption at the technician level. “Whatever the support we need, they are there… We had training internally, helping people to adapt… [The technicians] started to use it and understand the advantages. Now they couldn’t go back to what they had before.”

The day-to-day operations at Voltalia have improved dramatically where organization and data collection are concerned. “From a technical point of view, it is easy [for technicians] to report and organize their time… all the info is in one place. It’s easy to manage and more reliable than Excel spreadsheets. We can analyze activities and have indicators of our effectiveness of work, and analyze the real time we take to do the work.”

Getting clarity with KPIs

One of the biggest benefits of introducing Fiix is the ability to define and track KPIs. “The difference for us is total. We didn’t have any KPIs in the past. So it is 100% better now. People know they are being monitored and do their best to have better results.”

Vasco knows his team has support in whatever they want to do going forward. “Whenever we want to talk to them, they are available. Whatever the support we need, they are there.”

“We didn’t have any KPIs in the past. So it is 100% better now.”

Vasco Vieira, Maintenance Engineering Director Voltalia

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