White label CMMS partner program

Extend your relationship with your customer long after the initial sale through our white label CMMS program. OEMs can now participate in the long-tail revenues derived from services, parts and supplies following a capital equipment sale. Maintenance Assistant’s OEM white label CMMS program provides OEMs with a turn-key white label CMMS keeping them in front of customers long after the capital purchase and adding significant value to customers’ machinery and services purchases.

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As an original equipment manufacturer, systems integrator or automation specialist you understand that maintaining visibility on installed equipment after the sale and staying in contact with your customer is critical to long-term customer satisfaction and your brand reputation.

At Maintenance Assistant we deliver best-in-class CMMS maintenance software to keep track of and maintain multiple, complex manufacturing systems, machines, manufacturing lines or entire facilities with true multi-site control. For maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, maintenance technicians or line workers our easy-to-use CMMS provides the perfect tool to implement their maintenance strategy.

Custom branding

Provide your customers with a private labeled or co-branded MA CMMS™ to encourage maintenance excellence and drive additional services and parts revenue. Maintenance Assistant white label CMMS can be branded with your company’s colours and logo so your users’ experience will be consistent with your other products.

Built-in marketing tools

System-wide notifications that lets you show a message to every user of your CMMS. This feature is great for announcing new services and inviting users to events. Simply create your message in the CMMS and every user will see it the next time they use the software.

Central dashboard panel

A white label CMMS allows your customers to stay on track with your recommended maintenance plan, stay stocked with OEM spares and schedule direct-from-provider services. Our central dashboard allows you to quickly see all customer activity from the CMMS so you can become their supplier of choice.