What role does maintenance play in the business of tomorrow?

A bigger one than you think

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Companies are starting to realize that maintenance plays a role in the ultimate user experience for the customer.

- Kevin Permenter, Research Manager, IDC

Maintenance has traditionally been seen as a cost center. Not only is this not the case today, it’s never been the case. Smart companies have always, and will always, know this. All you have to do is look at the likes of Disney and Coke.

The insane success of these corporations was built on amazing customer experiences. When you trace this experience back to its source, you’ll land on one thing: Maintenance. After all, no one wants to stand in an hour-long line for a ride, only to be told it’s broken. No restaurant wants their shipment of soda delayed because the line went down too many times.


Over 61% of manufacturing companies listed digital transformation as their top driver for investing in asset management and maintenance systems.1

Giving customers what they want, when they want it, and the way they want it starts with designing reliable equipment that runs longer, and with fewer problems (ie. really solid maintenance). Products get out faster, budget is freed up, and the brand has something to be proud of. In other words, the perfect recipe for profit. All because of maintenance.

This all sounds like a fairytale. Luckily, a glass slipper exists. It’s called data. Maintenance data has always existed, whether it was in the head of the veteran technician or a stack of paper. But now, the technology needed to turn that data into action is readily available. And it’s a lot less complicated than before.

IoT spending in maintenance and field services is expected to grow by nearly 15% through 2022.2

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For example, an AI program can take all those purchase orders you’ve been stashing away for years, analyze it really fast, and tell you what parts you’ll need next month. You can do all your PMs without tying up capital in inventory you don’t need. And there’s no Ph.D. required.

Maintenance has always been tied to hunches and guesswork. Until now.

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