AI-powered maintenance

Turn data into action and action into results

Ditch the digital filing cabinet. Turn data into lower costs, higher production, and healthier assets— no coding required.

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Introducing Fiix Foresight

Get data that doesn’t gather dust

Fiix Foresight is the first and only AI engine for maintenance. It makes your CMMS smarter and more powerful by analyzing a lot of data really quickly, finding trends, and identifying areas for improvement.

Spot patterns

Fiix Foresight sifts through all the data you collect so you don’t have to. It runs dozens of models to find patterns in the way you and your assets work.

Look like a genius

See where you’re spending, doing, and wasting too much, and identify what to do about it quickly, confidently, and without any heavy lifting.

Act fast

Use the information provided by Fiix Foresight to immediately adjust tasks, maintenance schedules, purchase plans, and other processes so you can solve issues before they happen.

The future is calling. Will you answer?

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The market for AI in manufacturing is expected to jump from $19 billion in 2019 to $27 billion by 2027. That surpasses the GDP of 89 countries.

(2020 Report on Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Market, Meticulous Research)

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AI has helped manufacturers cut repair costs by 12%, maintenance by 30%, and downtime by 70%.

(8 ways the Internet of things will change the way we live and work, Globe and Mail)

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Nearly 12.5 billion smart devices will be used in business and manufacturing in 2020. That’s 30 devices for every person in manufacturing.

(A Guide to the Internet of Things, Intel)

AI you can use ASAP

The days of messy, complicated AI are over. Fiix Foresight gives you everything you need to predict the future of your facility without needing a Ph.D. in computer science.

Data and integration workflows

This is the part of Foresight that helps you swap data for insight without lifting a finger. It automatically delivers data from your CMMS to Foresight so it can be analyzed. It also sends you recommendations from Foresight straight to your inbox so you can action them fast.

Predictive services

This is the part of Foresight where the magic happens. It looks for patterns, anomalies, and other clues in the data to determine what the future holds and what you should do about it. The best part is, there’s no setup or number-crunching necessary. Fiix does it all for you.

Data warehouse

Foresight’s data warehouse is like a super-secure, enterprise-grade vault for your data. It automatically organizes your data so Fiix’s machine learning tools know what to analyze and allows you to put your data to work without telling it to.

Tools that give your CMMS superpowers

Discover how Fiix Foresight amplifies the power of your maintenance team

Work order insights

This report automatically analyzes 1000s of work orders so you don’t have to. See how closed work has impacted your business and get a short-list of upcoming work likely to cause breakdowns, production delays, extra costs, and more.

What the report tells you

Predicted part usage report

Predict failure before equipment breaks and production grinds to a halt

Get a list of work orders that are expected to cause breakdowns and view issues by site, risk score, and relative impact so you can prioritize problems, prevent them, and increase throughput.

Benchmark performance across sites

View your maintenance team’s overall performance and an in-depth breakdown of work order health by site so you can spend your time, budget, and other resources where they’ll make the most impact.

Boost wrench time without sacrificing quality

Identify work that is consistently taking longer than normal and the root cause of delays so you can fix the problem, improve processes, and help your team get the job done faster.

Root out work order flaws and fix them in a few clicks

Drill down into work orders to find which fields caused extra work, failure, or costs. Click into any work order, immediately see it in your CMMS, and edit problematic fields, all in a few seconds.

Parts forecaster

Use historical data to accurately forecast the parts you’ll need for future maintenance work. Reduce stockouts and the amount of budget tied up in inventory.

What the report tells you

Predicted part usage report

Make informed purchasing decisions

Determine the kind and quantity of parts you’ll need without relying on guesswork or hunches.

Find gaps in your purchasing process

Compare recommendations from the parts forecaster with your current purchasing plan to see where you’re ordering too many or too few parts.

Get direction without digging

Choose the parts you want to track so you can get the answers you’re looking for without sorting through a pile of numbers.

Get insights when you need them

Set up weekly reports that match your purchasing schedule. They’re sent directly to your inbox so there’s one less thing on your to-do list.

No empty promises here. Just results.

Work order insights

Maintenance teams that have used the Fiix Foresight work order insights report have seen up to a:

increase in asset performance
decrease in asset downtime linked to maintenance
Increase in maintenance labor efficiency

Parts forecaster

Maintenance teams that have used the Fiix Foresight parts forecaster have seen up to a:

increase in parts purchasing accuracy
reduction in working capital spent on parts
reduction in stockouts
"To be able to look into our data instead of just keeping track of work orders is really exciting for us. We can start seeing things we have never seen in the past, like patterns of failures. And instead of just fixing the issues and moving on, we can now ask ‘why are those issues happening’? To identify that is hugely important."

Jose Yorba, US Asset Management in the Fire Safety Group, Perimeter Solutions

Coming soon to a Fiix CMMS near you

This is only the beginning. Fiix is working to solve a bunch of everyday maintenance problems using AI. See some of the features we’re planning below and stay tuned for more.

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Foresight for asset performance

Identify if an asset is running like it’s supposed to or if it needs some attention so your facility can make more, boost quality, and increase equipment life cycles.

Coming soon

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