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An easier way to organize, track and complete your asset maintenance

11 Reasons to invest in a CMMS

Asset maintenance management software puts reliability within reach

Whether you’re managing multiple assets or multiple facilities, Fiix’s asset maintenance management software makes it easy to quickly build and import asset hierarchies, store information, track asset history, and organize parts inventory. Having the power to make data-driven asset decisions allows you to reduce downtime and increase equipment efficiency.

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Search easily

Moving from pen and paper systems to a digital database with QR Code scanning and easy search functionality can save maintenance teams hours every week

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Schedule PMs based on meter readings

Scheduling maintenance based on meter readings allows you to optimize preventive maintenance by moving towards condition-based activities

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Track costs for informed decision-making

Make important repair-or-replace decisions and more based on cost tracking data

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Track downtime reliably

Gain insight into downtime causes and leverage metrics to improve maintenance scheduling and reduce costs

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Fiix’s asset maintenance management software features

Organize assets effortlessly

Getting set up and expanding to new facilities is easy with a system that’s built with expansion in mind.

  • Import existing assets from CSV or Excel to easily migrate from old systems
  • Organize and view facilities from one central dashboard
  • Quickly add new equipment, clone records and organize assets with drag and drop functionality
  • Keep track of equipment and tools across multiple sites
  • Easily view asset hierarchy for parent-child equipment
  • Multi-site functionality lets you manage sites across regions and roll up data for easy analysis
  • Asset categories make it easy to find what you’re looking for
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Harness knowledge with one centralized database

Whether you’re managing 1 or 100 sites, you can view real-time data from a custom dashboard to make better decisions, faster.

  • Transform your CMMS to match your organization’s language with custom fields
  • Track meter readings to make condition-based maintenance decisions
  • Use the downtime tracker to compare stats across sites and optimize PMs
  • Name assets and assign codes for better organization
  • Use QR code scanning to quickly obtain asset history, manuals, asset warranties, and more
  • Allow for meaningful analysis with custom failure codes

Manage parts and supplies across sites easily

Never suffer from downtime due to a missing part again. Parts and supplies management gives you detailed insights into usage, inventory levels, and purchasing from as many sites as you need to manage.

  • Optimize inventory levels with ABC classification and a streamlined inventory cycle count process
  • Keep a list of bill of materials (BOM) with asset profiles for easy reference on the job
  • Keep visibility on parts and supplies with parts tracking, from one or multiple sites
  • Create purchase requests, check inventory, or source and compare parts within the purchasing module
  • Create and send RFQs and POs electronically or by fax or phone
  • Keep inventory accounted for using first-in first-out (FIFO)
  • View tool inventory and usage from tool crib
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Work Order

Track, report on, and audit assets

Asset-related data is at your fingertips anytime with Fiix. Unlock insights based on asset history, costs, metrics, and more.

  • Use the asset log to view all work orders associated with an asset
  • View all CMMS activity from the audit log to ensure quality of work
  • Track financials by asset to make cost-based decisions
  • Build reports from editable templates for easy analysis
  • Ensure all assets are accounted for by assigning technicians to specific equipment
  • Get regular machine updates with scheduled reports
  • View key metrics (like MTTR, MTBF, offline asset count, and more) from your dashboard, where you can filter results by reason, asset, or date


How much does Fiix’s asset management software cost?

You can compare all our pricing plans here and see which one fits your operational needs and budget.

Can I try Fiix’s asset maintenance management software?

Yes! We understand that purchasing a CMMS can be a big investment, so we offer free tours, trials, and demos of our software to help ensure our solution will work for you. Get in touch with our CMMS experts at 855-884-5619 or email to talk about getting a free trial.

Can I import my assets and asset information into Fiix?

Yes, Fiix offers an import tool that allows users to import existing assets from CSV or Excel to easily migrate from other systems. You can import your asset hierarchy in a flash as well.

Can Fiix connect with my condition-based monitoring systems, or MES or SCADA systems?

Yes it can, via our open API.

What devices does Fiix’s asset maintenance management mobile app work on?

Fiix’s mobile CMMS app works with Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets.

How do I know Fiix’s asset maintenance management software is the right tool to manage my assets?

Fiix’s asset management software is a perfect solution for maintenance operations in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, energy, food production, agriculture, and infrastructure management. Get in touch with one of our CMMS solutions associates at 855-884-5619 or to see if our solution is the right fit for your operation. Click here to read about how real companies used our software to drive results.

What are some asset maintenance management best practices?

We have a variety of articles that include tips and tricks for managing work orders. Check out the following articles and start reducing downtime, cutting costs, saving time, and more.

Does Fiix have a free asset management software?

You can download a free, limited version of our CMMS here. Try it out and see if it’s the right fit. You can also take a free tour of our CMMS to see how all the features work.

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