Maintenance reporting and analytics

An effortless way to collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data

Stop hunting through binders and spreadsheets to create reports. Start getting actionable insights on demand with Fiix’s CMMS.

Over 3,000 teams in 90+ countries are using Fiix to digitize, optimize, and scale maintenance

Dashboards that power maintenance

See real-time KPIs, create benchmarks, and make data-driven decisions without sifting through a mile of numbers.

Understand maintenance from every angle

View the KPIs you want, the way you want them, and in real-time with Fiix’s customizable dashboard. Filter data by project, asset, time period, user, and more.

Keep everyone on the same page

Create shared dashboards that are automatically shared with users so you can ensure your whole team is viewing the same metrics and working toward the same goals.

Create multiple dashboards for different sites

Compare metrics across sites so you can see everything that’s happening across your organization. Benchmark sites against one another to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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Reports that deliver insights in seconds

Collect maintenance data with extensive and customizable reports and use that information to make everything from daily tasks to yearly planning much easier.

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box maintenance reports

Access over 100 report templates that tell you everything about your team’s work order rate, upcoming PMs, labour hours, MTTR, equipment costs, and more, all with the click of a button.

Get unique findings from custom reports

Create custom reports in a fraction of the time and use the data to build schedules, optimize parts purchasing, calculate costs, and more. Export to CSV, Excel or PDF files to share reports across your organization.

Have KPIs sent straight to your inbox

Schedule reports to run automatically and get them emailed to you on a regular basis. Make sure the insights you and your organization rely on are there when needed.

Use AI-generated reports to optimize your plans, purchases and schedules

Get reports that forecast what parts you’ll need for upcoming work, which work orders are the likeliest to cause breakdowns, and more with Fiix Foresight.

Fiix teams manage over 6.2 million work orders and 3.5 million PMs every year.

See how easy it is to get started

Maintenance logs that make audits and compliance a breeze

Eliminate the stress of preparing for audits with comprehensive asset and work order tracking.

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Grab work order records in a few clicks

Pull up a list of work orders without digging through all your records or running a full report. Quickly view and filter by type, asset, technician, or other detail to prepare for audits.

Prepare for audits with automated reports

Build reports and set them up to send to your email on a regular basis so you have all the information you need to prepare for audits in one place.

Capture all updates to work orders

The audit log captures and tracks all updates and activities in the Fiix CMMS. Show auditors what kind of maintenance was performed, who performed it, and when.

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Fiix work order management
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Work order management

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Asset management

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Parts and supplies

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Connect, collect and share maintenance data, and trigger work across any production or enterprise system. Learn more


Everything you need to manage, measure, and optimize maintenance in the palm of your hand. Learn more

AI for maintenance

Analyze your data, find trends, and act on them fastLearn more

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