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Get more from your CMMS in less time

Crush your maintenance goals quickly and confidently with Fiix’s team of training, implementation, and support specialists.

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Getting started with Fiix

Set up your CMMS so even the biggest tech haters love it. Launch Fiix on time and on budget with the help of our training and implementation team.

Training packages

Fiix Essentials

Get the training you need to set up, run, and be successful with Fiix. Learn how to organize assets, schedule work orders, capture data, report on your team’s progress, and more.

Perfect for:

  • Maintenance teams that want to learn the basics of Fiix or train a new team
  • Teams that don’t need consulting, project management, or implementation services

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Training and implementation packages


Work with our implementation specialists to set up and launch Fiix. Get help with project management, configuring your CMMS, and training your team so you can hit the ground running.

Perfect for:

  • Single-site teams
  • Teams with up to 15 personnel

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Kickstarter Plus

All the services of Kickstarter, but for more complex roll-outs. Get more time for training, more support to import data, and more resources to configure Fiix across your operation.

Perfect for:

  • Multi-site teams (up to three sites)
  • Teams with up to 45 personnel

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A program designed just for you. We’ll help you create new processes, migrate data, connect Fiix with other systems, train your team, and more while assisting you all the way through implementation.

Perfect for:

  • Multi-site teams (three or more sites)
  • Teams with more than 45 personnel
  • Teams that manage 1000+ assets

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Cut costs and get rid of guesswork with remote 1-on-1 training

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Spend less

Eliminate travel expenses for staff and the Fiix team

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Stay in sync

Get training delivered to multiple sites at the same time

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Get flexibility

Book training sessions that fit your team’s schedule

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View training any time

Access recorded training sessions on demand

Scaling your CMMS success

Get the resources to destroy downtime, make your budget go further, and hit any other maintenance goal you have.

Get all your questions answered with our support team

Fiix’s customer support reps will answer any questions you have and ensure you are maximizing the value of your CMMS.

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Grow with personalized success plans

Whether it’s managing change, hitting your KPIs, or figuring out what comes next, Fiix’s customer success team can work with you to design a comprehensive CMMS success plan.

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Get help, give help, and spark new ideas with The Fiixers community

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    Ask questions, share best practices, and find new ways to use Fiix with our always-growing community of maintainers
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    Receive product updates, invites to exclusive events, and special access to experts
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    Grow your professional network by collaborating with industry leaders from around the world
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On-demand support

Find the perfect way to tackle problems, projects, and ideas in just a few clicks with Fiix’s on-demand resources.

How-to videos

Step-by-step how-tos for using Fiix, from creating work orders to building reports, purchasing parts, and more.

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Learning Center

An interactive hub for in-depth training on your CMMS, managing change, levelling-up your knowledge of Fiix, and more.

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Help Center

User guides for every Fiix feature, including the mobile app, dashboards, new features, and more.

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