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Plan, track, and measure maintenance — for free

Leave the paperwork, spreadsheets, and hard-to-use software behind with Fiix’s CMMS software. The best part is, it’s free.

Create and keep track of work orders

Eliminate complicated and vague work orders so you can wipe out your to-do list and get equipment operating the way it’s supposed to.

Make it easy to request maintenance

Fiix’s work request portal allows users and non-users to submit unlimited work requests. They can easily search the portal to see the status of their requests while you can see all work on the go and prioritize tasks.

Simplify your maintenance schedule

Schedule up to 25 preventive maintenance tasks using date, time, meter, or event-based triggers so you can make sure important work is done when it’s needed most.

Get all work order information in one place

Put all the details of a work order, like SOPs, task lists, photos, and suggested parts, front and centre so technicians can quickly access everything they need to get the job done.

Create dashboards with a complete view of maintenance

View calendars and see the metrics you need, when you need them, with a customizable dashboard. Compare maintenance schedules and KPIs across multiple facilities and filter by user, asset, and more.

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Observe and optimize asset performance

Keep your equipment functioning safely and at its best by collecting asset information in one easy-to-access spot.

Create asset hierarchies

Map your assets with simple drag-and-drop functionality and pull up equipment details in seconds by searching or scanning a QR code or barcode on the mobile app.

View up-to-the-minute asset data

Look at the past, present, and future of your assets, including if it’s online or offline, its repair history and upcoming PMs, associated SOPs, and more.

Track the way equipment is being used

Get updates on equipment usage and trigger PMs with real-time meter readings. View metrics, measure downtime, and assign technicians to certain assets or tasks.

Get started for free. No expiry, no credit card required.

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Optimize the way you buy, sort, and use inventory

Get the right parts, at the right time, and for the right price with streamlined inventory management.

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Never get caught without the parts you need

Set up minimum levels for parts and be notified when spares run low so you can purchase inventory with confidence.

Audit your parts in less time

Log parts usage, see inventory levels across different sites, and view the bill of materials needed to finish work.

Pull up information about any part

Search for parts, filter your records, and keep track of where you’re stocking your spares, so you never waste time searching for supplies again.

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Manage maintenance from your mobile device

Get everything you need to create, complete, and track work in the palm of your hand with Fiix’s mobile CMMS.

Access work details even without an internet connection

See work orders and asset details on your mobile device, and log work to the CMMS even if you’re offline. Your updates sync automatically as soon as you’re online again.

Take work requests from start to finish

Complete every stage of a work order using your mobile device, from submitting requests to logging work. Document the parts that were used, attach photos, and get a notification when work is assigned to you.

Complete work while maximizing time

Scan QR codes to view work orders and check-out parts, record notes using speech-to-text, and view checklists and manuals, all from your mobile device, so you can act fast when you need to.

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