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11 Reasons to invest in a CMMS

Transform your maintenance with work order software

Fiix’s enterprise-grade work order software gives you the ability to easily create, organize, track, and complete work orders while providing visibility into your operation so you can save time, cut costs, and reduce downtime.

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Capture better data

Maintenance teams can save up to $8,500/year for each employee by making information accessible digitally.

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Cut costs

Maintenance team can save $100K every year by eliminating the need to create, file, and find paper work orders.

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Stay safe and compliant

Work order software reduces deficient documentation, which accounts for 15% of all maintenance-related injuries.

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Save time

Digital work orders save the average technician 73 hours every year by making information accessible from anywhere.

Features and benefits of Fiix’s work order management software

Mobile work orders

Managing work orders on Fiix’s mobile CMMS app gives your maintenance team the ability to create, track, and complete work requests from anywhere, at any time.

  • See work orders on your phone or tablet with our mobile app (iOS and Android), even without an internet connection.
  • Scan QR codes, retrieve asset information, and record work with a few taps.
  • Submit work order requests in real-time.
  • Attach pictures to work requests and asset histories.
  • Notify technicians of the task for a quicker response.
  • Get assets up and running in a fraction of the time with audio-to-text translation.
mobile phone with work order
mobile phone with work order

Increased efficiency

Our work order management software lets you and your team focus on the jobs that matter most instead of wasting time on administrative tasks.

  • Prioritize, assign, and track work orders so work doesn’t fall through the cracks.
  • Easily submit, respond to, and complete work order requests.
  • Retrieve asset histories, manuals, SOPs, diagrams, and reports from anywhere.
  • Organize your team by tracking labour hours, certifications, and roles.
  • Sort assets by criticality, location, uptime, and failure codes.
  • Attach images and notes to asset profiles to make guest work order requests painless.
  • Reduce response time by enabling mobile notifications.

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Maintenance reporting and data

Fiix’s online work order system makes it easy to capture key insights, master maintenance reporting, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Track maintenance metrics, KPIs, goals, and trends across multiple sites.
  • Quickly access work order histories for vendor and industry audits.
  • Create a customizable dashboard for real-time updates on work orders, parts, and more.
  • Generate and schedule custom reports in a snap.
  • Track the time it takes to complete work orders and log hours straight into the system.
  • Store all documentation for preventive maintenance, repairs, and audits in one place.
laptop with maintenance reporting and data
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Improved scheduling and automation

Fiix’s work order software turns your preventive maintenance program into a reliable, well-oiled machine with its scheduling and automation capabilities.

  • Plan PMs with time, meter reading, event, and condition-based triggers.
  • Organize your day, week, and month with an intuitive, easy-to-use calendar.
  • Automate workflows so work is done correctly at exactly the time it needs to happen.
  • Coordinate scheduled maintenance with production schedules.
  • Create multi-asset work orders to easily take care of those big jobs.
  • Build a custom interface so your team never loses track of the most important jobs.
  • Keep tabs on work in progress and accurately measure project length for better planning.
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Once we got Fiix, we got an all-around system. It tracked our costs, it tracked our maintenance, and it was all wrapped up in a nice little bow in a work order. It had a lot of reports, a lot of customization, and it was user-friendly. It was also something we could easily afford.

Justin McCormick, Equipment and Purchasing Manager
Callan Marine

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Better health and safety

Fiix’s work order software helps keep maintenance teams safe, healthy and compliant so you don’t need to lose sleep when it comes to preventing accidents and passing audits.

  • Pass audits with ease with detailed and accessible work order histories.
  • Gain better visibility into health and safety inspection tasks with pre-built and customizable reporting templates.
  • Schedule follow-up actions on inspection tasks to ensure health and safety issues are tracked and resolved.
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How much does Fiix’s work order software cost?

You can compare all our pricing plans here and see which one fits your operational needs and budget.

Can I try Fiix’s work order software before I buy?

Yes! We understand that purchasing a CMMS can be a big investment, so we offer free tours, trials, and demos of our software to help ensure our solution will work for you. Get in touch with our CMMS experts at 855-884-5619 or email to talk about getting a free trial.

How do I know Fiix’s work order software is right for my operation or industry?

Fiix’s work order software is a perfect solution for maintenance operations in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, energy, food production, agriculture, and infrastructure management. Get in touch with one of our CMMS solutions associates at 855-884-5619 or to see if our solution is the right fit for your operation. Click here to read about how real companies used our software to drive real results.

I want to perform more preventive maintenance. Will Fiix’s work order software help me achieve this?

Planning preventive maintenance is a lot easier with the help of Fiix’s work order management capabilities. Our software allows maintenance teams to schedule maintenance, set up triggers, track KPIs, create reports, and more. Read more about how a CMMS can help you build a successful preventive maintenance program.

I want to do more predictive maintenance at my facility. Can Fiix’s work order software give me a hand with this?

Fiix’s CMMS can help you take a big step toward predictive maintenance. Our software offers tools like custom reporting, and integrates with SCADA and HMI solutions to help you build up to predictive maintenance. For more information on creating a predictive maintenance program using a CMMS, check out this article.

Can Fiix’s work order software integrate with my company’s other software?

Fiix’s CMMS can integrate with several software solutions through enterprise connectors, such as Netsuite, and an open API. This helps customers and partners build integrations with ERP systems, machine sensors, and more. We are always working on new ways to connect our CMMS software with other solutions to help link maintenance with every part of a business.

Is Fiix’s work order software part of its CMMS software?

Yes, all the features that make work order management easier, quicker and more cost-effective are included in Fiix’s CMMS solution. To see a full description of our software, check out our CMMS software page and our CMMS features page.

What devices does Fiix’s work order mobile app work on?

Fiix’s mobile CMMS app works with Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets.

Does Fiix have free work order software?

You can download a free, limited version of our CMMS here. Try it out and see if it’s the right fit. You can also take a free tour of our CMMS to see how all the features work.

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