A killer combo for moving to preventive maintenance

Maintenance and facilities management software: A killer combo for moving to preventive maintenance

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It’s hard to ignore the fact that the maintenance landscape is changing rapidly. Not only is the workforce in flux, but cloud-based offerings like building management systems (BMS) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) have changed the way we’re able to plan our maintenance strategies.

Webinar: Integrating facilities management software with a CMMS

Listen to Andrew Marsh of BuildPulse and Matt Gilvey of Fiix discuss the realities of the changing maintenance industry, as well as how maintenance teams can use BMS and CMMS systems in conjunction with one another to move towards a preventive maintenance strategy that will help to manage vendor work, extend the life of aging equipment, save money, and be greener.

They also answered a number of participant questions about integrating cloud-based software, how to move from a paper logbook to a CMMS, the benefits of using QR codes to track inventory, and more!

Watch the webinar below.

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