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How well are you doing your maintenance? The most obvious way to answer this question is to compare your performance this year with your performance last year. But how do you make that comparison? And, are you improving? You may also want to know how well your performance compares to others in the industry.

In his seminal textbook “Maintenance and Reliability: Best Practices“, Ramesh Gulati examines some of the key performance indicators that can be easily measured and compared across businesses and accross industries. He also provides the performance statistics for typical, well-performing, companies. Most importantly, however, he categorically states the performance of world class companies in each of these areas.

How well do your statistics compare to those in the table?

Performance Measure Best Practice World Class
Maintenance cost
as percent of Replacement Asset Value
2-9% 2-3.5%
Maintenance material cost
as percent of Replacement Asset Value
1-4% 0.25-1.25%
Schedule Compliance 40-90% >90%
Percent (%) Planned Work 30-90% >85%
Production Breakdown Losses 2-12% 1-2%
Parts Stock-out Rate 2-10% 1-2%

There are two things to notice in the table.

First, the performance is always measured as a percent. This means that the numbers are normalised to take account for size of machine, or total work orders being completed, or total production cost. In this case, taking the percent is a way of normalising your maintenance performance. It means that you data is more likely to be telling you your true performance status.

Second, even world class companies are not perfect. They make mistakes. Unplanned breakdowns happen despite the best intentions, equipment and training of a top company. While you should defintely aim to achieve zero-breakdowns, you should always have a plan in place to help you cope when something goes wrong. And then you should learn from your mistakes.

And now: the plug for Fiix (or another CMMS – but you should buy ours because it is good and inexpensive) .

To measure your performance you need data. One of the best ways of quickly and accurately obtaining this data is with a CMMS. As a centralised database for all of you maintenance activities, it is relatively easy to run a report to determine your maintenance performance indicators. If you are not doing so already, you should give a CMMS a go. It could be the missing ingredient you need to measure and improve your maintenance performance.


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