do i really need training for my cmms

Do I really need training for my CMMS?

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Ask yourself: Do I want to be one of the approximately 70% of all CMMS implementations that fail? Probably not. So, how can you avoid becoming a statistic? It’s not that CMMS implementation is complicated or that the software doesn’t work, it just never gets a chance to get off the ground in the first place. Why is that? Well, implementation success isn’t impossible, in fact it’s actually pretty simple. The reason so many stumble is they’re not getting the right training.

The importance of training really can’t be stressed enough when we’re talking about setting up a new CMMS system for an organization. It’s the key to making sure that employees have the right skills and knowledge to make the most of the software. If everyone’s onboarded correctly, CMMS success is a breeze, which means you’re going to see those improvements in efficiency, productivity and performance that a maintenance management software brings. Here are some of the many advantages of CMMS training.


It doesn’t matter how great your software is if nobody’s actually going to bother learning how to use it properly. Training increases user adoption, which is critical when implementing any software program. Being properly trained means your team will actually see the value of the software, understand how to use it  and be more likely to accept the system.

Time and money

If not properly trained, your team is going to waste valuable ‘trial and error’ hours trying to learn the system, on company time. Skipping on training also means your users run the risk of developing bad habits, or not knowing the best-practices for using the software efficiently. They might end up doing things wrong and have to go back spend more time fixing the mistake that could have been easily avoided. Training makes sure everyone gets off on the right foot from the start, and helps everyone learn the best practices when setting up and configuring the system.


Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page, following the same best-practices, and working together instead of creating work for one another. Training means your whole team is going to be equally skilled and successful.


It can take hours to figure out how to perform one simple function within a CMMS software program, especially if you don’t have previous experience with CMMS software or you’re switching from a system where things were done differently. Save yourself endless hours of guess work with a short training session.


Training helps you understand the best practices for entering data on a day-to-day basis. Good data is the foundation of a productive CMMS. It doesn’t matter how efficiently you’re using your CMMS, if the data is bad you’re never going to see real, positive results. Good data and data entry habits can be used to streamline maintenance processes, improve labor productivity and refine the supply chain. Learn how to do it right.


There’s a lot to know about a CMMS. A lot. Training can help you unlock some of the more complex or lesser known features that you may not be using to their full advantage. Are you sure you’re running the right reports? Are you aware about all the features that are available to you? Training helps make sure that you are using the system in a way that’s best for your business’s unique needs. Even the most experienced CMMS users might be missing out on helpful tips and insights if they’re skipping on training.


Training reinforces management’s commitment to making the CMMS work within the organization. With proper training, employees gain a better understanding of not only how to use the CMMS effectively but also why they are using it. Well-trained administrators can deploy the CMMS within their maintenance organization quickly, efficiently and effortlessly, just as well-trained maintenance technicians can use the CMMS to its full potential.

CMMS users need to be trained on workflow, CMMS administration, report generation, data extraction and data analysis. Otherwise, it will become a daily data-entry exercise where garbage in equals garbage out and eventually the CMMS fails.

When considering a CMMS, be sure to inquire about the training options. Most vendors provide onsite or online training. Others offer video tutorials, training workshops or recorded webinars. Whether you choose free or paid training options, invest in the time upfront to get your employees properly trained, because training makes the difference between CMMS success and failure. Your technicians and maintenance supervisors will be the ones using the CMMS on a daily basis, so they need to know what they are doing from the start. With the proper training, your CMMS can become an invaluable tool to your organization.

Keep in mind that training is an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of the CMMS. Send your maintenance team to refresher webinars and knowledge-transfer workshops to help reinforce best practices. During training workshops, attendees may become aware of certain modules and features that could be deployed in their organizations to make their workflow more efficient.


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Whether you’re a long time customer looking for some help, or a newbie in need of hands-on training, Fiix offers basic training to turn-key implementations for any size project. Learn more


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