How 5 companies found cmms success

How five companies found CMMS success

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High maintenance costs and too much reactive maintenance are two frustrations all maintenance teams can do without. Shifting from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance can help boost the bottom line by cutting costs, reducing downtime, increasing productivity and minimizing inefficiencies. Here’s how five companies transformed their maintenance operations from reactive to preventive with CMMS software.

The aquaculture industry trailblazer who risked a failing grade

The company

Scottish Sea Farms logo

Scottish Sea Farms, pioneers in the farming of superior quality Scottish salmon.

The challenge

The company had no system to track its machinery and help its team members stay accountable. This meant that the company risked failing one of its regular food safety compliance audits and losing tens of thousands of dollars in downtime.

The solution and results

Scottish Sea Farms needed CMMS software to help them gain control over their maintenance, record assets, measure KPIs, track maintenance tasks, manage checks, and provide sound data to auditors. After testing a free version of Fiix, they deployed the software full-time.

After implementing Fiix’s CMMS at all facilities, Scottish Sea Farms has yet to fail an audit and has achieved an 85% maintenance completion rate. The company also fully automated work orders and gained the ability to move assets between sites more efficiently.

What they’re saying

“It was no effort at all…from the initial contact to going live on the system, it took less than a week. I’m also impressed at how the system has grown since 2012. They modify the system according to our needs.” – Ewen Leslie, Freshwater Engineering Manager at Scottish Sea Farms

The packaging manufacturer with crossed wires

The company

Ardagh Group Logo

Ardagh Group, a global leader in glass and metal packaging solutions with 109 glass and metal manufacturing facilities in 22 countries.

The challenge

Standardized maintenance procedures were non-existent at the company, leading to a lack of coordination, consistency and communication between sites and maintenance teams.

The solution and results

Ardagh Group sought CMMS software to address inefficiencies and an ailing bottom line. They gained input from stakeholders and analyzed desired features. They found their perfect match in Fiix’s CMMS solution, rolled it out at three pilot plants and then introduced it to seven facilities.

The maintenance team at Ardagh Group was able to generate detailed reports for KPIs and analyze those KPIs to optimize their preventive maintenance. This led to a 15% cost savings and helped the maintenance team save time and cut out the headaches.

What they’re saying

“Before Fiix, the guys on the floor were thinking, ‘I hope I get everything done. I’m not even sure exactly what needs to be done.’ Now…it’s more like, ‘I know specifically what I need to do.’ Everyone wonders how they got anything done without it.” – Tony Leombruno, TPM Champion at Ardagh Group

The enterprising energy company living in the dark

The company


Voltalia, a renewable energy producer and service provider.

The challenge

The company was using Excel spreadsheets to track maintenance activities, which created a massive gap in knowledge. They couldn’t properly manage documents, tickets, materials, failures, and quality controls, or identify and measure KPIs.

The solution and results

Voltalia dreamed of a mobile CMMS that could be used to track assets, manage tools and inventory, and standardize maintenance practices and reporting across the organization. They found everything they were looking for, and more, with Fiix’s CMMS software.

Since bringing Fiix onboard, Voltalia has increased access to KPIs and accountability while scheduling over 14,000 rounds of preventive maintenance, each one helping to cut costs, boost revenue and improve results.

What they’re saying

“All the info is in one place. It’s easy to manage and more reliable than Excel spreadsheets. The difference for us is total. We didn’t have any KPIs in the past. So it is 100% better now.” – Vasco Vieira, Maintenance Engineering Director at Voltalia

The mining goliath buried in inefficiencies

The company

Rambler mines logo

Rambler Metals & Mining has 100% ownership of the Ming Copper-Gold Mine in Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with two sites and 160 employees on a 24/7 schedule.

The challenge

The company’s maintenance team ran on a paper-based system that had them mired in inefficiencies. A lack of standardization made them miss preventable problems, overlook efficiencies and waste time. Maintenance team members would spend hours writing notes and waste time shuffling through multiple handwritten documents to decide which problem to fix first.

The solution and results

Rambler explored cloud-based solutions to accomplish a much-needed overhaul of the work order process and improve communication between teams. They developed an 8-touchpoint scoring system. When Fiix scored highest on this scale (by 10 points!), they knew they had their CMMS provider.

Rambler saw a dramatic increase in productivity after implementing Fiix’s CMMS. The maintenance team gained 1.5 hours of wrench time, which was a 15% increase. The amount of time writing notes and reports decreased, asset knowledge among the team improved and the CMMS software became a cornerstone of Rambler’s lean strategy.

What they’re saying

“There’s no guesswork anymore. I have answers I didn’t have in the past. And we’re using the software in ways we didn’t think we would. For example, we now have data that’s used by payroll since everyone’s hours are being tracked accurately now.” – Scott Britton, General Manager of Operations at Rambler Metals & Mining

The oil & gas expert stuck riding paper planes to nowhere

The company


CIG Logistics, a partner for large-scale transloading and storage in the oil and gas market, operating out of 15 terminals across the US.

The challenge

The company was suffering from the symptoms of a paper-based system, leaving them unable to gather or access data. There was no way to quantify maintenance operations, which left them in the dark about necessary improvements to their assets and bottom line.

The solution and results

CIG Logistics went looking for flexible, adaptive, easy-to-use and cost-effective CMMS software. This desire for a customizable solution led to Fiix. They then began easing their operations from pen-and-paper to the digital world by onboarding three sites a month.

Fiix is now being used by 248 active users at CIG Logistics, with more to come. The CMMS has allowed the maintenance team to increase and improve their preventive maintenance strategies, which has reduced downtime by 40-50% and fostered greater accountability.

What they’re saying

“We’ve hardly had any critical breakdowns since adopting Fiix. We have complete visibility into downtime, and it’s much easier to record and keep tabs on it.” – Sean Simon, SVP of Operations at CIG Logistics

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