Get your Fiix: Maintenance news for December 2018

Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news you need to know from December 2018

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Check out the articles below for your monthly dose of interesting and informative maintenance news from around the industry.

Maintenance news from around the world

30 Case Studies Every Reliability Professional Should Read (Reliable Plant)

Every production facility is unique, but there are some universal truths in the world of maintenance and reliability truths, regardless of your industry or product. Reliable Plant highlights 30 case studies that look at maintenance, leadership, processes, planning, and more from a reliability-centred viewpoint. From Boeing to MillerCoors, we find out what worked, what didn’t and the lessons that can be learned by all asset management professionals.

The Importance of Training in the Digital Manufacturing Age (Reliable Plant)

As new technologies become available to maintenance professionals, they are unlocking opportunities to produce more, fill more orders and obtain more customers. Production facilities must be ready to embrace change and associated growing pains to be successful. One of those obstacles is proper training. If workers are not trained properly on new technologies, equipment and processes, critical assets cannot be managed properly. This piece outlines how the importance of training will increase along with digitization and what this means for maintenance.

The Future of Financial and Manufacturing Integration (Larry White, AutomationWorld)

Exceptional communication between departments will always set an organization up for success. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to finance, manufacturing and maintenance. It is often a struggle to get financial information that causally links to operational resources and processes and vice versa. This article tackles why the problem is so pronounced and the emerging tools and philosophies that will set maintenance teams back on the right track.

Maintenance news from Fiix

Fixing a broken maintenance strategy: PM optimization and FMEA

This piece analyzes how maintenance teams in production facilities can use the concept of failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) to optimize preventive maintenance tasks and ensure each PM is adding value to the operation. The piece highlights the importance of work order history, failure data, and maintenance schedules in gathering and establishing context for PMs and analyzing the effect of failures and tasks on the system as a whole. The end result is a better understanding of how maintenance operations can spend their resources more efficiently.

How everyone at your facility can save time with better maintenance reporting

This article explores how maintenance reporting can impact everyone in a facility and how to improve the reporting process to save time, no matter what role you’re in. It looks at how choosing the right maintenance software can eliminate many of the inefficiencies that are inherent in the maintenance reporting process to give you back some time and help everyone make more informed decisions. It also highlights the benefits of having a better reporting process for everyone in an organization, from those in the C-suite to those on the floor.

Successful CMMS implementation with Jeff O’Brien (PODCAST)

CMMS implementation can be a scary subject for some. After all, no one wants to consider that CMMS adoption could fail at their organization. Jeff O’Brien has been helping maintenance teams successfully roll out Fiix for almost 10 years. He recently stopped by the Rooted in Reliability podcast to talk about all things implementation. The episode looks at exactly what success looks like, five steps to a smooth implementation, why good-quality data is crucial, who should be involved in implementation, and which milestones to keep an eye on.

The future of maintenance: What the numbers say about maintenance trends

Over the last year, hundreds of maintenance professionals have been filling us in on their journey towards better maintenance programs by completing our Fiix Score survey. Using this data, we’ve been able to glean insight into where maintenance is now and where it’s heading as an industry. This article explores a few interesting trends we’ve noticed and what it means for the future of maintenance, including what keeps maintenance professionals up at night and the move to a new era of digital maintenance.

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