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In early versions of our software, we gave users the ability to build their own custom maintenance reports in iReports. However, over a 2-year period; only two custom maintenance reports were built. We believed that the process was too complex, with a steep learning curve due to the size of the database. As a result, we took report building in house and built over 120 powerful data driven maintenance reports that can be generated instantly, or scheduled at regular intervals to your email inbox. We don’t have all reports possible but we estimate our custom maintenance reports cover 90% of our customers needs.


Nonetheless, our customers continue to cry out for a maintenance reports writer in which they could build their own reports. Fiix users still want the ability to design out their own custom maintenance reports for their specific metrics and business processes.

Reports Writer

After months of meticulous coding by our development team, we are excited to finally release our new custom maintenance reports writer for Fiix. It gives users the ability to create their own library of content rich reports, tailored for their own specific business processes and operational strategies. The new reports writer comes standard with the enterprise package and gives you the ability to develop your own reports with lists, charts or a combination of both. Design and build your own robust report templates that can be deployed quickly to give you an organized overview of your data. You can save them in your CMMS so they are available next time you want to run them. You can also schedule them to be sent at a pre-determined date just like the pre-built reports.

  • You can query any combination of data from your database through one simple query
  • You can generate rich reports with charts, graphs, and any custom layout for your data
  • Your report will generate as a PDF file
  • You can create complex queries and sub reports

How do I access the Report Writer?

You can access the reports writer in the reports menu on the left hand side of your CMMS (Enterprise users only).


How do I build my Own Report?

Reports writing requires a good working knowledge of SQL and database structures. You don’t need to be code wizards to build simple reports so have a go yourself. You can access the reports writing documentation in the FAQ section of the helpdesk.

Reports Writing Training

Accelerate your maintenance reports writing experience by signing up for some dedicated one on one reports training with a product expert. Simply call our training center at +1 855 884 5619 extension 4 to book a session today. Our pricing for CMMS training is outlined on our training solutions page.

Why Build and Run Reports?

With the reporting function, you can easily turn data into knowledge. Compiling reports makes it easier to analyze trends and spot recurrent problems in your organization. In addition, reporting is key to good financial management. The information garnered from reports can then be used to transform various areas of your maintenance from the supply chain to vendor selection. You can use reports to:

  • Monitor maintenance costs
  • Optimize PM schedules
  • Understand and analyze maintenance and repair processes and trends
  • Historical job analysis
  • Track costs incurred against an individual asset or track costs incurred against a cost center
  • Spot trends on key performance measurements
  • Graph meter readings to forecast when parts need to be replaced

By monitoring reports and improving maintenance processes, you constantly make your operation more efficient. Higher efficiency means lower operating costs, larger savings and increased profitability.

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