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CMMS software for modern maintenance

The Fiix CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is built specifically to help maintenance teams organize assets, manage work, connect to other business systems, and make data driven decisions. Implementing a CMMS helps teams modernize their maintenance by:

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Tracking and storing all asset information and history.

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Keeping track of, assigning, and prioritizing work orders.

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Easily scaling across facilities and regions.

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Completing work in the field with a mobile app.

Fiix CMMS features

So, how are maintenance teams able to achieve great results with CMMS software? Fiix customers choose our solution for the following features:

Cloud-based access

A cloud-based CMMS means you don’t need to purchase, install, or manage any hardware. Just open your browser, log in, and start working. What’s more, expanding to new users and facilities is a breeze.

Simplified work orders

With Fiix, users can easily create, assign, and manage work orders from any device—mobile, tablet, or desktop. See who’s working on what, and get real-time notifications of completed work.

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Asset management

It’s easy to import existing assets from CSV, Excel, or other maintenance software. Quickly add and organize assets or clone records with drag and drop functionality. You can even add images of your equipment using your mobile phone's camera, and view your asset history with your mobile device.


Fiix can easily push and pull information to and from other enterprise software like Netsuite and other ERP and financial software systems.

Better business intelligence

Get instant at-a-glance access to the important metrics and KPIs that you need to improve performance with the customizable Fiix dashboard.

Mobile CMMS app

The Fiix app allows users to mobilize like never before with the ability to update work orders on the go, tap into productivity with user-focused features, and work anywhere with offline mode.

Take a look at our CMMS features to learn more.

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CMMS program comparison


Ideal for small teams or businesses looking to get started with basic features.


More power and sophistication. Extended maintenance management software for organizations with larger teams. Ideal for teams looking to improve productivity and maintenance efficiency.


Advanced features for cross-functional manufacturing teams. Deeply integrated and customizable maintenance solution.

All plans are designed to help you be successful. Each plan includes in-app help, access to our customer success and support teams, and a help centre full of training videos and best practices.

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Why customers love our CMMS software

Fiix has consistently been top-rated among other CMMS vendors in the industry, with customers in industries like manufacturing, distribution, energy and resources, construction, and more giving it rave reviews.

Regardless of the industry they operate in, Fiix customers have used the solution to slash downtime, cut maintenance costs, and skyrocket productivity. Here’s what one customer had to say:

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From a technical point of view, it is easy [for technicians] to report and organize their time… all the info is in one place. It’s easy to manage and more reliable than Excel spreadsheets. We can analyze activities and have indicators of our effectiveness of work, and analyze the real time we take to do the work.

Vasco Vieira, Maintenance Engineering Director,

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Using Fiix

Is there a mobile app for the CMMS?

Yes, the Fiix CMMS mobile app is free to download for iOS and Android systems and works on smartphones and tablets. The app features offline mode, simplified work orders, and more. Learn more here.

Does Fiix integrate with other software?

Fiix integrates with enterprise software like Netsuite and other ERP and financial software systems. We also offer platform tools that allow you to connect to the cloud through our API. Read more about integrations here.

How often is the CMMS updated?

Fiix’s software is updated every two weeks to provide feature updates and any necessary bug fixes.

How will my team be notified of work orders?

Once a technician is assigned a work order, a notification will be sent via email, mobile push notification, and an internal notification within the system.

Customer training and support

What kind of training is available?

The implementation team at Fiix is here to help you set up and carry out a CMMS successfully. Our instructors will guide you through the implementation process, outlining the most efficient order of operations, as well as best practices and techniques for your team.

Will you help us implement the software?

Yes, part of the implementation training provided will cover migrating from your existing system, building asset hierarchies, creating task groups, and more.

What kind of support do you offer?

Fiix has a dedicated team of professionals who are available to help you get started, troubleshoot any problems, and guide you through processes you are unfamiliar with.

How customizable is this software?

Fiix is adaptable and can grow to fit each organization’s individual needs. Fiix provides core CMMS modules that help guide your overall maintenance strategy, and allows you to customize elements of these modules to adhere to the way that you and your team have set up your maintenance processes. Whether it’s adding unique work order categories and statuses, building custom reports, or rearranging the work order interface, we offer a customizations that allow you to mould our CMMS to optimize the way you work.

Will Fiix work for my organization?

What are the system requirements to run Fiix?

You simply need an Internet connection with the browser of your choice. The Fiix CMMS mobile app is available for any iOS or Android device.

Can my data be imported and exported to and from Fiix?

Fiix can import data based on your requirements. Data can be exported from Fiix through the system or by templated reports in Excel or .csv, depending on the format. All importable data can be found here.

Purchasing and implementing Fiix

Are there any hidden costs?

No. You can learn all about pricing here, and our sales associates will be happy to walk you through any services that would be considered an add-on, such as training and implementation to ensure you get the most out of Fiix.

Who does the data belong to?

In short, the data belongs to the end user. Fiix is simply the processor through which data is organized and housed.

Fiix and my industry

Will a CMMS work for my industry?

Fiix has successful customers across many industries, including manufacturing, mining, packaging, oil and gas, and more. Take a look at our industry solutions page to see how Fiix can help you.

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