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Fiix is dedicated to providing free powerful work order management software to organizations around the world, because we believe that good maintenance is good business. Over the years, tens of thousands of businesses have used our family of CMMS and work order software products in almost every industry.

Fiix is not just another CMMS software company. We're building the world's largest maintenance community and marketplace on a highly scaleable and flexible cloud platform that will fundamentally change the industry. Making CMMS software easy, effective and affordable has been a core tenant of our success and now we're taking that one step further.

Users will now be able to use Fiix's free asset management software, every day, for free, for as long as they like.

To make our CMMS and free work order software within reach of everyone, we've taken the bold step to revamp and relaunch our award-winning downloadable maintenance software on our cloud platform. New users can now open a free work order software account, upload their assets and start creating work orders and scheduled maintenance in minutes using only their web browser. As their needs grow or their businesses expand, they will be able to upgrade to Fiix's cost-effective paid versions.

We hope to see wide-scale adoption of our free CMMS cloud maintenance management system, and believe that maintenance professionals, managers and ultimately the chief executives will see that good maintenance can become their company's competitive advantage.

Why free cloud work order software?

The free software model has been in use for years to allow medium and large companies to try products out, risk-free, and we are no exception. Companies can either explore our product on-line with our free tour, or can set up their own free work order system in the cloud (see above) to experience how easy it is to get started and see how easy it is to track their maintenance. Our pricing model is clearly explained on our pricing page, so there will be no surprises if customers choose to upgrade later.

Small and medium sized businesses will be able to immediately benefit from the free work order software options in the starter tier. Some will eventually choose to upgrade, others may not. Regardless, there is a lot of utility in our free work order software. Stay tuned for some very exciting upgrade paths in the near future.

To support new customers we have in-application, contextual help videos and frequently asked questions. New customers will be able to set up and use their free work order software system without any additional support and no additional cost.

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Free work order software details

The free tier of Fiix’s CMMS gives smaller teams and individuals an easier way to manage their maintenance. It equips you and your team with the tools you need to plan, schedule, track, and optimize tasks, assets, and parts. Here are a few of the key features Fiix’s free CMMS software includes:

  • A work order builder that allows you to attach diagrams, notes, and more
  • A central dashboard where you can track and manage work orders
  • A mobile app so you can see tasks and be notified of work while on the go
  • An interactive calendar for scheduling and prioritizing preventive maintenance
  • An inventory manager that lets you see the status of spare parts
  • A work request portal where you can submit urgent work requests

The road ahead

Fiix will continue to be a software company that pushes the innovation envelope. There are many new features coming out almost every week, like our new mobile CMMS app. It will help customers setup their CMMS, and then allow them to manage their maintenance from a native mobile application.

The future is bright for Fiix and its customers.

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