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API integrations

If you build it, they will come. We offer a suite of platform tools that allow you to fully leverage your CMMS by integrating it with any hardware device or software application in the cloud through our API (Application Programming Interface). Whether importing data directly from machine sensors, or exporting data to an ERP, our platform allows you to unlock the full power of your business assets and infrastructure.

Considering integrating your CMMS and ERP?

We created a complete guide that outlines the benefits and key items to consider with any CMMS and ERP integration.

Super simple Netsuite ERP integration

Fiix CMMS integrates seamlessly with your Netsuite ERP, so you can manage and maintain accurate inventory levels and keep your finance and maintenance teams in sync. Bidirectional integration means you’ll see inventory updates from Netsuite reflected in Fiix, and when your maintenance team uses or returns parts, they’ll automatically be posted back to Netsuite. Plus, when your maintenance team needs replacements, purchase orders can be sent through a Fiix workflow to Netsuite, with purchased parts being reflected back in your Fiix CMMS.

Like a well-oiled machine, bidirectional integration with Netsuite allows maintenance and finance teams to optimize their inventory, improve productivity and eliminate redundancies.

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Sync Fiix and Netsuite automatically
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Centralize knowledge across teams
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Adjust parts used in a work order
Trigger purchase order workflows
Trigger purchase order workflows
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Maintain accurate inventory records
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View inventory dashboards and reports

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Developer guide

Step-by-step instructions to get started with our API.

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Client API reference

Complete documentation on the inner workings of our API.

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Software developer kit

Download our API libraries to help with your development.

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