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Change management with Scott Deckers (PODCAST)

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When it comes to change management at an organization, where do you even begin? Especially with CMMS implementation, there are many processes, roles, and principles that need to be considered and carefully guided in order to execute change successfully. In fact, the idea of change management is so daunting to some that they avoid it entirely (not a great idea).

Fiix’s Customer Success Team Manager recently made another trip to the Rooted in Reliability podcast to discuss change management: What needs to be considered, who needs to be involved, and when people should get on board. They also talked about why change is a circular journey rather than a straight line and why CMMS champions are an integral part of every CMMS implementation.

Listen to the podcast episode here (also available on Accendio Reliability’s website) or read the transcript below. Be sure to stay tuned for more appearances from Fiix experts in the future.

Episode transcript

View the episode transcript

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