On-premise CMMS software

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On-premise CMMS

On-premise CMMS software can be a handful to manage. You need to provide the IT infrastructure to run the application, configure the network to enable users to access the CMMS, and then install any upgrades or security patches when they become available. And if the hardware fails, you could be waiting days to get back online. Many SMEs don't have the bandwidth or expertise to manage complex processes like this.

On-premise Cloud/ SaaS
Installation You manage Automatic
Firewalls You configure Automatic
IT infrastructure You provide Included
Database security You provide Included
Virus protection You provide Included
Patches/ Updates Manual Included
Upgrades Manual Included
24/7 monitoring You provide Included
Mobile CMMS You configure (if possible) Included

Benefits of cloud-based vs on-premise CMMS

Without getting into too much detail, SaaS (software as a service) and cloud-based software is basically the same thing. With cloud software, there's no big upfront payment. Instead, you pay a manageable monthly subscription to access the software, which is hosted on the vendor's servers. Today, many SME's are looking at SaaS applications as they offer numerous advantages such as a lower total cost of ownership, unlimited scalability, and regular product upgrades. With cloud CMMS software, there is no need for complex server set up and configuration; you simply sign up, log in and start using it immediately. This is because cloud CMMS is built on multi-tenant architecture where everyone is sharing the same CMMS app with the same security, patches, upgrades and feature set. Upgrades are a hands-off process and happen automatically at defined intervals. Each customer simply customizes the CMMS for their needs by adding or removing modules with the click of a button, with need for expensive consultants to tailor and implement the CMMS. You can also add or remove users quickly when necessary without weeks of consulting.

Additionally, cloud software is more secure, reliable, and affordable. The application is stored on multiple devices on a virtual server, which means if one piece of hardware fails, another kicks in seamlessly with no loss of service. No need to wait hours while your IT guy changes out hardware and re-installs your CMMS from a recent backup.

The clear winner is cloud-based CMMS

The decision is a no brainer. Choose Software as a Service when you're buying CMMS software. For more information, see our recent blog post on the 20 benefits of CMMS software.

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