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Using QR codes with your CMMS: Step by step

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QR codes give you an easy way to find real-world assets in your CMMS.

If you’re familiar with QR codes and already have a scanner app then just scroll down for four easy step to get QR codes set up and working at your facility.

Not sure what a QR code is, how to use them, or how to find a scanner app? Then keep reading for more info.

What are QR codes?

This is a QR code:

QR Codes

It contains information that can be interpreted by a computer—in most cases a web address, numbers, or text.

Fiix automatically generates unique QR codes for every asset you put in the system, which link directly to the CMMS page for that asset.

How do I read a QR code?

Download any free QR code reader from your app store and install it on your mobile device.

Once your scanning app is installed and open, point your camera at a QR code and (depending on your app) press the “scan now” button. Your app will read the code, translate its contents, and take you directly to the page it refers to.

Which free scanning app should I use?

You can choose any compatible QR scanner app from the Android or iOS app store. We’ve had success with Scan for Android, and QR Code Reader by Scan for iPhones and iPads.

How do I use QR codes at my site with my CMMS?

This is the easy part. Use a QR code generator to create QR codes for your assets, and print your QR codes. Each asset will have a unique QR code associated with it.

Just follow these four steps to start using QR codes in your facility:

  1. Print your QR codes. Each asset will have a unique code associated with it.
  2. Attach your QR codes to their corresponding asset.
  3. Download a free QR code reader onto your internet-enabled mobile device.
  4. Scan any asset with an attached QR code to connect directly to the asset, in order to request work orders and look up useful information.

What if I want to print a batch of QR codes for all of my assets?

When you are logged into your CMMS, you can generate a pdf file containing the QR codes for all of your assets. With this pdf you will able to print your asset QR codes on standard Avery label sheets, or on A4 or plain US letter paper.

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