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What is corrective maintenance?


Corrective maintenance is any maintenance performed to return equipment to proper working order. Depending on the context of its use it may refer to maintenance due to a breakdown, or maintenance identified through a condition monitoring program.

Corrective maintenance performed due to a breakdown could be either planned or unplanned. In this case, planned corrective maintenance is likely to be the result of a run-to-failure maintenance plan, while unplanned corrective maintenance could be due to an breakdown not stopped by preventative maintenance, or a breakdown due to a lack of a maintenance plan (this is the same as reactive maintenance). Unplanned, maintenance, like reactive maintenance, is much more costly than planned maintenance.

Maintenance performed due to condition-based monitoring software is planned maintenance. It will be scheduled due to a condition trigger. Provided the root cause of the need for maintenance is also addressed, this is an ideal maintenance type.

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